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Tupac News Thug Life Army Exclusive - New book to allege Snoop Dogg’s cousin killed Tupac over stolen songs
Thug Life Army Exclusive - New book to allege Snoop Dogg’s cousin killed Tupac over stolen songs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anton Batey ~ Thug Life Army   
Monday, 18 August 2014 10:50




Did the late Tupac Shakur steal one of his greatest, most emotional songs? New book by filmmaker R.J. Bond will claim that a “confession letter” given to Fox 11 News host Chris Blatchford revealed that rapper Lil’ Half Dead (who’s real name is Donald Smith), who is the cousin of rapper Snoop Dogg, had the famous song Brenda’s Got A Baby stolen from him by Tupac Shakur in the summer of 1991, which lead to him killing the rapper in 1996.



This “confession letter” was given to Blatchford in June, 1998, and was written by a clinically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic named Robert Anthony Soria, who is currently serving time in Sierra Prison for molesting a child. Soria was an informant of Blatchford at the time. Blatchford and his partner Daniel Leighton did little with the letter, with Leighton claiming that the letter was “nonsense”, and that “the informant was making claims that could not be substantiated”. Soria claimed that the three men involved in the killing was rapper Lil’ Half Dead, Malcolm Patton and Danny Patton. The informant claimed that Malcolm Patton shot at CEO of Death Row Records Suge Knight twice and missed, that Danny Patton’s gun jammed and that Lil’ Half Dead shot and killed Tupac.



According to Soria, the killing stemmed from Tupac Shakur stealing one of his greatest songs, Brenda’s Got A Baby, from Lil’ Half Dead, who gave it as a demo to Tupac in the summer of 1991. Note that there is no record of him rapping until 1993. Deon Evans, the producer and co-writer of Brenda’s Got A Baby, also completely dismissed this claim as ridiculous. Lil’ Half Dead worked with his cousin Snoop Dogg on his 1993 album Doggystyle on Death Row Records before signing to Priority Records in 1994. According to Soria, at some point in the future Lil’ Half Dead had a meeting with Tupac in Reno, Nevada which resulted in the violent beat-down of Half Dead. There has never been any evidence or mention of this the past 18+ years. Days later, he was supposedly chosen by Reggie Wright, Jr. to partake in the killing of Tupac and Suge Knight. The other two chosen were Soria’s neighbors, Danny and Malcolm Patton. It is interesting to note that Danny Patton was affiliated with the Leuders Park Piru Bloods while Half Dead was affiliated with the Long Beach Crips, a fact which makes Soria’s take that much more unreliable.



Soria claimed that Malcolm Patton decided to confess to being part of the murder out of remorse. According to Soria, Malcolm confessed, with Soria’s sister transcribing. Malcolm and his brother Danny were contacted recently regarding the contents of the letter, and not only refused to believe what they were being accused of, thought that they were recipients of a practical joke. After laughing it off a considerable amount of time, they revealed that Soria was the “crazy friend” who always told made-up stories to seem more interesting. They also revealed that he was mentally ill. Currently in prison for performing sexual acts with someone under the age of 14, court records indicate that Soria is also a clinically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, a claim substantiated by his ex-wife and other family members.





Filmmaker R.J. Bond got hold of this letter less than two years ago and has been using it in theatrical teasers as the truth regarding the murder of Tupac.




Last Updated on Friday, 12 September 2014 08:05
Tupac News Thug Life Army Exclusive - New book to allege Snoop Dogg’s cousin killed Tupac over stolen songs

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