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Tupac Theories
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Written by Staff ID30   
Monday, 24 January 2005 14:08

There are many theories about the death of Tupac.

Instead of giving you the same ol theories that have been around forever, we want the true Tupac fans to state their theories. If you have one email us or post it in the forums. All theories are the opinions of the author and in no way reflect the views of the site admin. or the site staff. Thanks.

Conspiracy theories about Tupac's death abound: they usually insist that he faked his death, that the shooting was a government assassination, that Suge Knight arranged the killing, or that Biggie was involved.

Weak evidence for some of these theories can be found in the following examples:

Tupac Shakur's last album before his death was The Don Killuminati: The Seven Day Theory. Its cover eerily depicted him crucified, and was recorded under the pseudo name "Makaveli", an allusion to the Machiavelli of old who suggested faking one's death to fool enemies. The executive producer was mysteriously listed as "Simon", instead of Suge Knight. If one rearranges the letters in The Don Killuminati: The Seven Day Theory one can spell "Ok on tha 7th u think I''m dead yet I''m really alive".

There were also many instances of the number seven involved in Tupac's death. For example, he was shot on September 7th, with five out of twelve total bullets, and his time of death was 4:03 in the morning.

Also, he was known for making many allusions to his own impending death in his music, and even depicted himself in the music video of "I Ain''t Mad At Cha" as an angel in Heaven.

Those who knew Tupac personally find the idea that he is still alive laughable. Indeed, the many believers who expected him to return after seven years, in September 2003 were obviously proven wrong.

Although many hoped that Tupac's death would help heal the East Coast/West Coast rivalry, his rival Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down under similar circumstances six months later. Further clouding Tupac's death, Orlando Anderson, the man later suspected of being the shooter, was killed in an unrelated gang shootout in May of 1998.

Oddly, Tupac has released more songs posthumously than while he was alive. Conspiracies notwithstanding, Tupac was extremely dedicated to his work during his short career. Shock G remembered fondly that Pac would spend entire days in the studio, drinking Hennessy, smoking marijuana, and experimenting with new raps. Much of Tupac's work was only dug up and edited after his death. His music is still being actively released and remixed.

Tupac indicated after getting out of jail that he had lofty future plans, including mostly getting out of the rap scene by releasing high-quality, deep albums only once every five years or so. Pac also desired to give back more to the community, suggesting a Little League to encourage young black kids to keep on the right path. He ran an earlier project called "The Underground Railroad" that aimed to keep youths off drugs by getting them involved in music. Though he did not live to realize these dreams, his mother Afeni is currently attempting to carry on his work by raising money for a Center for the Arts.

The New York robbery led Tupac to seek protection, and he employed bodyguards after getting out of jail in October, 1995. He was known to always wear a bulletproof vest in public. Why he did not on the fateful night remains a mystery.

It should be noted here that Tupac and the crew at Death Row generally depended on members of the Bloods gang for security, while Biggie and the Bad Boy Crew depended on Crips members for security when visiting California. An investigation by the Las Vegas Times, while not naming its gang-member sources, stated that Biggie (who was also in town for the fight) offered to pay the Crips in exchange for Tupac's death. It was noted by the Compton Gang Unit that the Crips were bragging about the killing soon after returning to Compton. Compton Police were disappointed with the lack of initiative showed by Vegas Police in pursuing the killing.

Tupac's close childhood friend, and a member of the Outlawz, Yafeu "Kadafi" Fula, was in the convoy when the shooting happened and told police he might be able to identify the assailants. He too was killed shortly thereafter in New Jersey.

On November 14, 2003, a documentary about the rapper entitled, Tupac: Resurrection was released under the supervision of Afeni Shakur and narrated entirely in Pac's voice with archival footage. Proceeds will go to a charity set up by Afeni. There has recently even been a new clothing line based on Tupac; "Makaveli Branded".

Alive or Dead one thing is evident, Tupac left his mark in this world. Some of his fans don't want to believe that he is gone.

Many wish that things could be different. But we all must face the fact that Tupac left this world in Sept. of 1996, and as much as we all love and miss him we cannot change that.

R.I.P. Tupac Shakur

I received this from 'Ms.D'. She brings up a lot of good points and has some thought provoking information in here. She can be reached This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I visited your website and wanted to share a few of my own suspicions, theories and questions:

1. If Tupac had been murdered in cold blood as the stories claim, why has there NEVER been any reward offered on his behalf to identify the murderer(s)?....not even by his own family?

2. Speaking as someone that has been directly involved with the entertainment industry for a long time I know for a fact that nearly all artists, once under contractual agreement in the industry, are covered by insurance policies [usually policies are drawn up by the company of employment] to ensure payments of the loss of revenue in the case of an artist demise...but even if that didn''t happen, Tupac was a man of deep and deliberate planning which is more than vividly apparent throughout his career, so am I now to believe that a man of such stature and intelligence would NOT purchase life insurance?....that is almost laughable to think! Tupac definitely would have had life insurance , health insurance, and other forms of protection [such as a will, requested funeral arrangements, etc.] so then if Tupac did in fact fake his death he would only commit fraud [or what is considered to be "conspiracy to commit fraud"] by cashing in on such life insurance and/or to evade prosecution and/or escape debt....since no insurance policies have ever been reported cashed, nor has Tupac evaded any form of prosecution, and since ALL of his debts were reportedly paid after his alleged death, he has not committed a crime by faking death....now that really makes me curious.

3. In the autopsy photo [which by the way I have in full color] there are many discrepancies...for example, the last known photo of Tupac on the night of the shooting showed that Tupac was wearing a pair of jeans, and a black and white basketball jersey, a diamond stud in his right ear, a large gold rope chain with large medallion, and a gold watch...this photo also shows either a cigar or blunt to b e in the grasp of his left hand, his eyes also appear red as if perhaps under the influence of marijuana....the autopsy photo clearly shows a small thin chain dangling from the neck area [this is out of place for many reasons but esp. since all items of obstruction including clothing and jewelry are removed upon "admission" into any hospital facility...not to mention the fact that Tupac was actually wearing a large gold rope chain prior to being shot/admitted]....so where then did this mysterious chain come from?....There is also no evidence of the tattoo on the right side of Tupac's neck, nor does his goatee appear to be the same length as it was seen earlier that fateful night, his head does not seem to have its usual peak at the top, nor do his ears appear to slant outward as they did in all other photo's, there is no machine gun "50 niggas" tattoo which was directly in the center of his chest, nor is the right breastplate tattoo anywhere to be seen....another huge discrepancy is the supposed "bullet wound" and "surgical scar" directly above this wound, both appear to have extensive "healing", in fact there is no apparent "stitching" of the surgical scar and the bullet wound [earlier reported to have been "under" his right arm] which in this photo [since the body was opened] would have placed the point of entry at aprrox. his right upper ribcage....there is also a very mysterious "shadowy" figure directly behind the table to the right side which even in full color remains cloudy and in black and white color, now how is that possible in a full color photo? And what the heck is it?...it doesn''t appear to be related to anything within this room, but more like a distortion created in the "making" of the photograph....see it for yourself, it's apparent in the black and white autopsy photo as well.

4, The coroner's report also has major discrepancies, esp. since filing a false document in any court of law is considered a felony fraud [another reason t he alleged death is suspicious], therefore how is Tupac's actual height listed as "72 inches" [which is 6 feet] and weight as "235" lbs? [when clearly he was much smaller in both height and weight]...you can also see a major difference in his biceps, the shoulder area [clearly seen in the earlier photo while riding in the car with Suge] is NOT well defined as it was in the prior photo, nor are the muscles in his arm the same, and neither are his stomach muscles the same, so since when in death does the body's muscular structure completely disappear?...This is odd, as well as the fact that the Coroner Dr. Brown has NEVER spoken publicly concerning the autopsy of Tupac in order to verify his findings, nor did he make any public statement either to confirm or deny the facts stated in the autopsy...which is also very curious since Afeni was reportedly present to identify Tupac [seems like she would have reported the incorrect information to the Coroner's office at some point so that it could be rectified] and she should have been given a copy of the Coroner's report....it is also very strange that there is nearly no blood/fluid spillage anywhere to be seen in this photo [there is only a tiny trickle at the back of the head opening....which in itself is curious because in autopsies the skull is completely sawed open in order to remove the brain, this photo shows no such damage to the scull, nor any such related fluid from the procedure]]...also, if Tupac had been smoking that night as it appeared he had why then does the Coroner's report claim there were no substances in his system?....everybody KNOWS he smoked weed, he rapped about it, he was smoking in a few videos, so why hide this fact?

5. Why has NO ONE ever investigated the possibility of Tupac entering the witness protection program?....after all, many of those who enter this federal program are given the option of being "deceased" as the person they once were [esp. in cases where there is obvious death potential by enemies]....now think about this carefully....if you were Tupac, and someone had made attempts to murder you not once but twice, both with heavy gunfire, and if you had the option to escape the wrath of these enemies with the full co-operation of authorities including the feds and secret service, what would you do?....Do you honestly believe that if Tupac ever showed up again the same thing wouldn''t happen all over again?....Now, on top of that, just as "Sammy the Bull" did after being placed in the program, I sincerely believe that Tupac has had major plastic surgery and has been among us all this time completely unrecognizable....now why would this make any sense?....first of all, we are not talking about your everyday ordinary family here, Afeni had plenty of contacts, resources and adversaries, enough to pull off a historic revolutionary activism with the Black Panthers even after all these years, including going "underground" so why would anyone believe she would not use these powers to prevent her son's murder?....the answer is, she would have done anything to protect him and all the others, she has done the same for many others including herself throughout her activism....come on, really, think about that. How many attempts on your life would you allow before doing something drastic to prevent it from happening again?

6. As far as Suge being involved to the point of plotting Tupac's death, I don''t buy it for one major reason, if Suge truly planned the shooting, why would he have put himself directly in the line of fire?[there was plenty of opportunity to do it without putting himself in harm's way, I mean seriously, do you believe a bullet has a name on it?...hell no, bullets go where they want to go, obviously because of the 13 rounds fired only 5 reportedly hit the intended target, and Suge could have ended up dead or wounded]....I mean, look at the picture of the two of them riding in the car that night, Suge stood out at least 10 inches from the tiny frame of Tupac, the chances of Suge being hit was huge, even though he was not, which isn''t all that amazing when you think about it, because the gunman fired 13 shots and only hit Tupac with 5 [now that seems so incredible to me that a man, the same man, is shot in two unrelated incidents exactly five times regardless of the amount of bullets fired added with the fact that Tupac had also been shot in the hand and hip area in the previous shooting as well as the latter shooting...now what are the odds on that happening?...it's greater than the lottery odds yet and still it allegedly happened]. One other point on Suge, when has anyone ever heard of Suge being shot at previous to this event with Tupac?....NEVER....I believe Suge was actually a coward, which would explain him pulling Tupac back down after trying to get into the back seat[as a shield], and also explains why Suge made the u-turn in the opposite direction of the hospital...he was scared out of his mind!....I guess if I had just taken on 13 gunshots I wouldn''t be thinking too clearly either....I also believe Suge did not want to drive in the same direction as the white Cadillac so he decided quickly to make a u-turn instead and "go around" to escape the scene. This seems to be more likely the scenario since Suge did not "react" to being shot at by burning rubber and hauling ass out of there!....he just sat there, taking 13 shots...now what kind of reaction is that?...it's one of sheer shock and fear [frozen/paralyzed and traumatized by it].

7. Hasn''t anyone else noticed the difference in Tupac's voice in more recent "new" music?...such as that with the outlaws and some in Loyal to the Game and others....Tupac's voice has "matured" into that of an older man....he seems to take much deeper breaths than he did in earlier days [a sign of ageing and could also indicate some form of injury to the lungs either from smoking and/or the alleged gunshot injuries]....listen for yourself and see if you hear it too.

8. If Tupac actually had a "body double" as has been reported [he was from Ohio] where the hell is he?....why has NO ONE ever seen or heard from him since Tupac's alleged death?....and if the theory of the body double being the injured man that night, does this explain the lack of the more recent Tupac tattoo's?....and the tiny chain around the neck?....hmmmm....makes me wonder, if I had been Tupac's double, I think I would have spoken to the media in all this time at least once....this person has also mysteriously disappeared.

9. Is it so much of a leap to assume that Tupac would take on a whole new identity in order to escape his enemies?....isn''t that what Tupac's entire career was about?....he turned himself into a thug, always rapped about dying and being reincarnated as a bigger and better improvement of the last form of self, so why then is it hard to believe he isn''t reborn again right now?

10. In the song "Cuz I had to" on Loyal to the Game, Tupac makes reference to the record label "Roccafella" but wasn''t Roccafella created "after" Tupac's alleged death?...Tupac states "so I can be like Roccafella" clear as day...not sure but this seems like a big clue to his true whereabouts....in addition to this, the majority of top rappers have in one form or another rapped about their murder's [that's really what gangsta rap is all about, all kinds of murder]....now thinking as the artist Tupac, who had incredible forethought and aspiration, isn''t it likely that he would create an even bigger and better scheme of being "murdered"?....Would he really NOT try to top all other rappers portraying murder with his own well thought out incredible plan?....Tupac outdid everyone! [That's one of the reasons he was hated on by other rappers....his ability to outshine them all].

11. Why is it that ONLY the police personnel and Coroner Dr Brown were handled all of the investigative e reporting [by Cathy Scott] and two department officers claim to have seen the autopsy of Tupac, including his being allegedly dead?....It seems that with the media being what it is [esp. with celebrities] there would have been far more involvement into proving and/or disproving Tupac's death....and interestingly enough, how is it that the photo was taken of Tupac only a few blocks away while riding in the car with Suge that night, but on this Tyson fight night, with media, police and people virtually everywhere none of them caught a glimpse of the incident wither before or during?....no witnesses?...come on!....everyone seems to forget that there was a major witness alive prior to the shooting, Tupac himself!....we don''t know what if anything he was able to say during the hospital treatment....there is a report that he opened his eyes at one point after surgery, he might have been able to speak too.

12. Since Tupac reportedly planned to leave Death Row records and also since Suge Knight had basically robbed Tupac blind added with not paying Tupac additional monies due to him [Suge had most of Tupac's property in HIS name NOT Tupac's and he did repossess the properties once Tupac was declared dead], isn''t it logical then to assume that Tupac knew the only way out from under the hands of Death Row and Suge would be through death?...whose fooling who?....and NOW who has the upper hand in Tupac's estate?....Afeni does, who better to have the same power as Suge Knight had over Tupac's estate?

13. Why is it that Tupac has mentioned a few times in his new music releases [namely with the outlaws/Resurrection] that he is "underground"?....in all the years he was rapping prior to the incident, never once had he mentioned being underground....makes sense to assume this means exactly what is says, Tupac is underground [he's not coming back as Tupac, ever...he has been reincarnated-according to his own words, and will remain in the underground and/or be among us "unrecognizable" as Tupac, [EXCEPT by voice] or so it seems.

These are questions the for me remain unanswered....if you have any information please feel free to reply.

Ms. D


From: - Jazmn - aka- 'lilazm' , (forum member)

"My theroy is this: puff killed him but before yall think i am crayz listen. Tupac was blowing up and everyting and bad boy records wanted him to sign with them but tupac wouldnt cuz he is a loyal nigga so he was like naw i am staying with my record company so that just piss puff off. I know yall remember when Tupac got shot inside bad boys record company that was a big set up cuz tupac met this guy and tupac wasnt making much mony then so he owned all these people money etc.. so he would just go lay tracks down for 2 to 3 thousand dollars so he met this one guy off the set of poetic Justice they start kicking it and he tells Tupac when he goes to the ny look him up so tupac looked him up and the dude called tupac and was like i got some peple who want you to lay down so tracks for them tupac was like cool i am not doing it for free the guy was like i know i know tupac was like it's going to be three thousand dollars so then the dude waslike cool whatever when can ya be here he was like i am going to smoke this weed and then i am going to be there. Tupac said the werid things was the dude kept blowing his phone up every five to ten minutes bugging him and tupac was like i am coming i am coming when he showed up he got shot. ( i bet ya are wondering how does she know all this i do my reacher) Puff plays into this cuz he owned money to mobs and stuff ( come on now how do yall think bad boy records got started) And he knew if he had tupac his records sells would make money and so in return he would make money and pay the mobs off when tupac wouldn''t sign with him he wasl iik if i cant have tupac know one can so a coupple month letter he was shot. Think about why would suge want him dead he was bring money to death role records and to suge so why would suge stop his whole hussle the music thing is all about money that is what it has alwayz been about and it will never change tupac just got caught up and puff just got selfish and a great man got hurt during all this
if yall have any doubts holla at me in the forums".

Signed - Jazmn - aka- 'lilazm'

Tupac Theories

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