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Racial Struggles: How Obama's Immigration Executive Action Helps PDF Print E-mail
Written by DD   
Monday, 24 November 2014 08:23


From a Chicano lawyer’s lens…



By Ruben Salazar

In the aftermath of President Obama’s announcement on his executive action, some critics are minimizing the scope and effectiveness of the new immigration initiatives. Some people believe he did not go far enough, while others decry that it is unlawful action. Yet others express fear about registering, believing once they give their personal information they will be deported in the event the program is eliminated by the next president. But, these naysayers are either misinformed or overly pessimistic.

While this is not a panacea, and while no legal status or green card can be received, the scope of the new benefits of the immigration initiative cannot be underestimated. First of all, the infamous “Secured Communities” criminal program is eliminated and detainers discontinued , and under their new priorities immigration agents and officials will now look to deport only suspected terrorists, criminals ( 1 felony or 3 misdemeanors), and recent arrivals (after 1/1/2014). In addition, immigration lawyers will be combing their court files for people currently being deported and allow non-criminals administrative closure of their pending removal cases. This new “prioritization” and “PD” program will likely affect over 400,000 immigrants and directly reduce the current rate of 1,100 deportations per day, fulfilling a promise by Pres. Obama to focus only on criminal immigrants.

Moreover, two deferred action programs will be implemented very soon. The first one is an expansion of the current DACA (“Dreamer”) program for child arrivals put into place by Obama in 2012, resulting in work permits for more “Dreamers.” The age requirement will be eliminated, so people over 30 years of age may now apply. Also, it changed the date that continuous presence must have started from 2007 to 2010, so later arrivals now can apply. It also expanded temporary protection from deportation from only 2 years to 3 years. This new and improved DACA program is due to start in 90 days.

But, perhaps the boldest and biggest action is the creation of a new “deferred action” category for undocumented parents of US citizen or Legal Permanent Resident children of any age. This is the new “Deferred Action for Parents” (“DAP”) program. The only three conditions under DAP is that the immigrant have continuous presence in the United States for 5 years, have paid all their back taxes, and pass a criminal background checks similar to regular DACA applicants. Similar to DACA, the immigrant receives temporary protection from deportation for 3 years. This huge new program will help some 4.1 million immigrants. The new DAP program is due to start in 180 days.

Another major component is the expansion of the I-601A ”provisional waiver” program Obama put in place in 2013. Currently, only a spouse or parent of a US citizen may seek a pardon under section 601 and 601A. Before 2013, you must also leave the country to apply. This action builds upon and expands 601 waivers to include spouses and children of Legal Permanent Residents. Plus, the definition of “hardship” will be expanded and clarified. This expanded 601A waiver program should also help 10’s of thousands of immigrants who crossed the borders with no documents, and who need a 601 waiver of their 3 or 10 year bars to relief.

Accordingly, we should understand that this is no minor tweak of the immigration laws; it was a massive and bold initiative which will directly affect over 5 million hard-working, non-criminal immigrant youths and parents. And, Pres. Obama met his promise to the Latinos, big time!

For those who continue to believe the myth that the President’s actions are too broad or illegal, the law says otherwise. Executive action is clearly legal and constitutional under our 3-branch system of government. In fact, ever since we became a republic, American Presidents have issued Executive Orders. Indeed, every single President, except for one, has issued Executive Orders. George Washington correctly claimed he had the authority under Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution to issue executive orders. Some Presidents have used this executive branch authority much more than others. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued 3,522 Executive Orders, while William Henry Harrison issued zero, but it should be noted that Harrison died one month after being sworn in. And who thinks President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was a bad idea? That was an Executive Order, as well. Thus, under our Constitution, Presidents have wide discretion to determine how an existing federal law should be enforced. In fact, multiple Supreme Court opinions have upheld the President’s right to submit orders explaining how they will enforce existing laws. Immigration laws are not immune from those rulings. Multiple Presidents have issued executive orders on immigration, most notably President Ronald Reagan in 1987. That Republicans are so willing to accept President Reagan’s right to submit an executive order, but cry foul when it comes to President Obama, only shows this debate is more about politics than law. And, lest we have any doubt, the US Supreme Court has already said the President and immigration officials have “broad discretion”’ in enforcing immigration laws. In 2012, Justice Anthony Kennedy, in an opinion striking down Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, wrote the following:

“A principal feature of the removal system is the broad discretion exercised by immigration officials. Federal officials, as an initial matter, must decide whether it makes sense to pursue removal at all. If removal proceedings commence, aliens may seek asylum and other discretionary relief allowing them to remain in the country or at least to leave without formal removal.” ( Arizona v. United States)

When this is translated into layman’s terms—it means the US Supreme Court agrees that the President has broad authority to decide who should and shouldn’t be deported. Immigration is strictly a Federal issue and the Executive branch has the exclusive right to see the law be enforced in the best and most economical way it deems fit. That is why we have a President and why Presidents are able to submit orders explaining how they will enforce existing laws.

As to those who fear registration or of the effectiveness of the new DACA and DAP programs, we need only look to the highly successful 2012 DACA program, which has now been in place for over 2 years. The Pew Research Center estimated that up to 950,000 young immigrant youths are eligible to apply for DACA. Through March 31, 2014, 86% of 643,000 applications accepted have been approved, according to government data. So the vast majority of applicants get work permits. Some 77% (480,000) Mexicans have received work permits. The highest approval rate is in California, with 162,000 DACA recipients, compared to only 88,000 from Texas. The highest application rate is in Arizona, with some 66% of 34,000 eligible people have applied, according to the Migration Policy Institute. By all indications, then, the DACA program has been very successful to date. So, don’t worry, the new DACA and DAP programs should be just as successful. And, this new expansive 2014 DACA program could extend deportation relief to hundreds of thousands of immigrant youths.

Moreover, don’t be afraid Congress will take this program away. Due to the separation of powers clause in the US Constitution, Congress has no power to repeal what they call Obama’s new “immigration amnesty” program. Nor does Congress have the power to defund it, as it is wholly funded by the immigrants through the application and processing fees they pay.

And, yes, it is true that the next president may take the new programs away. But, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by saying that, as a result of the blatant refusal of the Republican House of Representatives to take a simple up or down vote on the US Senate-approved Bill on comprehensive immigration reform, the Latino community will be soured and be driven to vote for more Democrats in 2016. I also don’t think it’s any news that popular Democrat, Hilary Clinton, will likely run for and win the next presidential election, and she may even be re-elected. And, I just don’t see President Clinton revoking these beneficial programs and alienating her Latino base. Thus, the new DACA and DAP programs will likely remain around for at least the next 9 years; which translates into 3 extensions of work permits.

So for all the naysayers, and the doubting Thomases, I say unto you – you are wrong, and you should be more positive and re-consider by applying or helping others apply as soon as possible. Stop being so pessimistic. The glass is half full! This is now a reality. Get informed, stand in line, and get on board and help families and friends to take advantage of this big deal! And, while you are at it, take time to thank our President for making good on his promise to Latinos, and for his bold show of leadership in helping fix our broken immigration system. Ruben Salazar, Esq.

The Law Offices of Ruben Salazar, ALC, in Fontana, California is offering free DACA and DAP legal consults immediately. 909-428-4500


Source: http://www.crnlive.com/CRNBlog/index.php/2014/11/ruben-salazar-why-president-obamas-immigration-executive-order-is-a-big-deal/

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 November 2014 02:31
Historic Speech By President Obama Affecting Struggles of Indigenous Natives and Immigrants PDF Print E-mail
Written by DD   
Thursday, 20 November 2014 14:15

Gary Dorr is NezPerce who works with Lakota warriors in the Dakotas, also Veteran of our United States Armed Forces writes:

We’re all in the same boat of Broken Treaties. And we’ve all been subjected to the imaginary border drawn on a map, irrespective of traditional, ceded, and un-ceded territory. There have been illegal “takings” of land and territory that should be righted, but probably never will. All this from the “immigrants” who came here seeking their own freedom from tyranny.

Chicanos / Latinos Anticipate Big President Obama “Immigration” Move Within Purview of the Constitution

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. – Genesis 50:20

Phoenix, AZ — Our women-led independent voter group is in support of President Obama utilizing his executive authority within the purview of our Constitution of the United States.  What was intended to do harm, our Creator intended it for good when “broad discretion” language was highlighted by Justice Anthony Kennedy who wrote the Court’s 5-3 opinion in Arizona v. United States, and joined by Chief Justice John Roberts.  Both Roberts and Kennedy are Republicans.
We know that executive action will not include the entire 11 million but this is a very BIG beginning.   We hope that the Obama administration will consider giving discretion firstly to the veterans of our United States military who served honorably and who are in fear of deportation.  Though approximately half of the 11 million are expected to be given prosecutorial discretion by the Obama administration, this is the time the Republican Party ought to re-evaluate their 2012 anti-immigrant RNC platform in order to contribute to a unique opportunity that will enable them to come up with solutions regarding the other half of the 11 million affected.  We would like to remind Republicans the resistance of taxation without representation by the original Tea Party and ask they see the billions of dollars into our tax coffers from undocumented immigrants who pay into our state and federal tax system without representation.
Chicanos and Latinos have proven our American patriotism over and over again with the blood we have spilled in past American wars — the indigenous natives have a special tie and bond to this soil and we will continue to do what it takes to preserve our environment moving forward.
Ronald Reagan once said: “….in 1620, a group of families dared to cross a mighty ocean to build a future for themselves in a new world. When they arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts, they formed what they called a “compact,” an agreement among themselves to build a community and abide by its laws”.
Though compacts were important to these new immigrants of 1620, Native American treaties to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo affecting the indigenous continue to get ignored.  Major networks such as FOX News, ABC, NBC, and CBS minimize a historic moment affecting millions of the original indigenous natives to this land but are there to capitalize with ideas such as FOX News Latino when they come to the Chicano / Latino buying power trough.
We first give thanks to our Creator with regard to hearing our cries, and also President Barack Obama who gave the Republican Party 6 years to work on immigration reform but to no avail.   It is now time for #ImmigrationAction before the holidays.
Last Updated on Thursday, 27 November 2014 02:39
Tupac Shakur's Foundation Is Gifting Us With New Music Soon PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stacy-Ann Ellis   
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 14:00


Even many years after his passing Tupac and his camp are making an impact on society. The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation, founded in 1997 by his mom Afeni Shakur, is promising new tunes in the name of charity.


Before you start thinking along the lines of an all-Pac-everything album, the promised new single—which will be available on 2pac.com for $.99—primarily features several hip hop stars and all sale proceeds will benefit the maintenance of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Source: http://www.vibe.com/article/chance-rapper-plays-bob-marley-adult-swims-black-dynamite
Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 November 2014 14:01
Native Indigenous Struggles Regarding Greedy Koch Funded Pipeline Disasters PDF Print E-mail
Written by DD   
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 11:38

Native American / Indigenous Chicano Coalition to Obama: Veto Pipeline XL After Ecologists Issue Disaster Warning Under Piping

The Native American / Indigenous Chicano Mexican-American Coalition are asking President Barack Obama to veto the Keystone Pipeline XL bill that violates treaties, rapes our earth and water and negatively impacts our environment.  Native Americans and the indigenous Xicano community can no longer stand idle with continued broken treaties and continued raping of our earth.

Furthermore ecologists have issued a disaster warning to the Keystone XL regard, and the Koch Brothers (who have a history of violating environmental laws) will not protect the American Midwesterner from earthquake disasters from their deep oil drilling that is affecting our earth and creating earthquakes as recent as May 2014.   Those living in the Midwest do not have earthquake proof structures California has adopted and the Koch Brothers should pay in advance in order to ensure Midwestern Americans are safe!

Disaster Warning: The Area Under The Keystone XL Pipeline Is Likely To Experience Earthquakes

"....the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) issued an advisory warning of an increased likelihood of “damaging earthquakes” as a result of the increased number of small and moderate shocks in central and north-central Oklahoma. Both the USGS and OGS reported that there have been a stunning 183 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 and greater in the Sooner state between October 2013 and April 2014. The two agencies issued the warning advisory because the increase in the rate of earthquakes above 3.0 on the Richter Scale since last October increases the possibility of a “damaging” quake of 5.0 magnitude or higher in central Oklahoma as a result of injecting chemical-laden water used in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of tight rock formations to “fracture” rock deep underground to extract oil and gas..."


Gary Dorr, Native American activist states:

This is a pipeline that goes THROUGH the United States not TO the United States. All the profit goes out into the Mexican Gulf in a tax free International Oil Trade Zone. The only thing that comes to the United States is the extreme risk of putting 4 carcinogenic compounds into diluted Bitumen inside a 36 inch pipe at 1,600 psi.

Our coalition is focusing on these 11 Democrats in the current Democratic-led Senate and we expect them to do the right thing for the people -- not $elf-interests.  And there will be a backlash against Democratic House of Representatives who have already supported it by independent key swing voters during the next election cycle.


Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota
Mark Begich of Alaska,
Mark Pryor of Arkansas,
Joe Donnelly of Indiana,
Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Claire McCaskill of Missouri,
Jon Tester and John Walsh of Montana,
Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mark Warner of Virginia and
Joe Manchin III of West Virginia.
Mark Udall of Colorado


Photo: “Promises of responsible oil sands development ring hollow” Posted on November 5, 2013 by Bugle Editor Billion litres of coal-mine muck leaks into Athabasca River


From Buttonvalley:

Last year: “On Monday, the leak from a water pipe at the Suncor oil-sands site saw an estimated 350,000 litres of industrial waste water pour into the Athabasca over a 10-hour period, causing “a short-term, negligible impact on the river,” according to the company.” This followed another huge leak in 2011. You could spend hours on Google reading about the leaky tar sands mining operations. Here are just a few of the facts about tar sands mining.

  • Oil sands mining is licensed to use twice the amount of fresh water that the entire city of Calgary uses in a year. The water requirements for oil sands projects range from 2.5 to 4.0 barrels of water for each barrel of oil produced.
  • Oil sands mining is licensed to use twice the amount of fresh water that the entire city of Calgary uses in a year. The water requirements for oil sands projects range from 2.5 to 4.0 barrels of water for each barrel of oil produced.
  • At least 90% of the fresh water used in the oil sands ends up in tailing lakes so toxic thatpropane cannons and floating scarecrows are used to keep ducks from landing in them.
  • The toxic tailing lakes are considered one of the largest human-made structures in the world. The toxic lakes in Northern Alberta span 50 square kilometers and can be seen from space.
  • A 2003 report concluded that “an accident related to the failure of one of the oil sands tailings ponds could have catastrophic impact in the aquatic ecosystem of the Mackenzie River Basin due to the size of these lakes and their proximity to the Athabasca River.”
Last Updated on Thursday, 27 November 2014 02:41
Create Option C, actress Lourdes Colon’s journey with cancer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Frank M. Miranda   
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 13:11

Create Option C my journey with Cancer, this is a touching story that effects allot of people in the world. Actress Lourdes Colon take the alternative and shares her life and story through this documentary, “Create Option C my journey with Cancer” a must see film merging conventional and non-conventional medicine to help in our own system to rid or reduce cells associated with cancer. This is extremely valuable information for those suffering but could also be helpful for general knowledge because cancer is random and you never know who it’s going to hit next, it may be you. Below are some suggestions:

What’s in the drink:
Ginger reduces blood pressure, and Cholesterol, and stimulates the heart. Ginger is a more powerful then onions or garlic. It’s known to fight inflammation and viruses and much more.

Strawberries is bursting with vitamins, minerals, and fights cancer plus more.

Bananas is a great source of vitamin B, Magnesium and potassium, and is also rich in probiotics.

Blueberries has an impressive ray of antioxidants. And enhances vitamin C and great for fighting cancer and a long list of other illnesses.

Kale healthy for your bones and vitamin K also known for its properties to fighting cancer.

Cucumbers contain significant amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Potassium, as well as silica a compound needed for connective tissue.

Celery a cleansing diuretic effect and it alkalizes which is great for the digestion.

Alfafa sprouts are high in antioxidants and are exceptional and have healing properties.

This drink is full of enzymes as it is raw and never cooked or frozen as both freezing or cooking kill the enzymes we need in these foods.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 November 2014 13:53
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