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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 10
Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by binky mack ID4610   
Sunday, 18 January 2009 21:42

IN HIP HOP NOTABLE: BINKY's HOOD (01.18.09) Sunday at 8:35pm): Tomorrow is Martin Luther Kings birthday and Tuesday we will have a new Prez. The new First Family. Good stuff and I believe most people truly believe that.

Man, I have so much to speak on but my brain has not been functioning right. I have been all over the place bringing in this New Year. But I have got me a new method on how I will get all of the thoughts out of my head by the time I do this writing every week. Trust me.

I read today that George W’s presidency cost the U.S. 11 trillion dollars!!! Wow… Well, what’s new? He is now heading out the door and leaving a huge mess for not only Obama but for us as well. People still can’t buy homes; people still can’t get a loan from the banks, etc. So what will happen for 09? The analyst think 09 will be worst than 08. Only time will tell.

Ok, now is the time that everybody will jump down my throat. I was going to write on the movie Notorious last week and didn’t get a chance to write that article so I am doubling up. I have not seen the movie yet but I do want to let you in on the debate I have been having with all of my friends. You let me know if you think I make sense or iz iyz krazy.

People have B.I.G as 1 of the best rappers ever in hip hop and there is a lot that have him as simply the best to ever do it on the mic. Bare with me. I am taking you on a journey.

Now, ask me if 2Pac (Tupac) is 1 of the greats, Jay Z, Eminem, Nas, KRS, LL Cool J, Kool G rap, Scareface, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, and I can keep going. Even today people will say Lil Wayne because he just so happens to be relevant at this time. But I will tell you why I am fighting Biggie being 1 of the greatest in front of the few I named. Unfortunately B.I.G died before he was proven. I do know that Ready To Die was a great cd. So was Games and 50 Cents first cd. Biggie’s 2nd cd was good but not as dope as the 1st won. So was Games and 50 Cents.

To be 1 of the greats, we would definitely need to hear more music than 2 cd’s (some may disagree). Eminem had 2 great cd’s and the 3rd stank to me. LL was very consistent. If he fell off a little on 1 cd, he would be right back with the next one. LL is 1 of the greatest. 2Pac (Tupac) did not have any hiccups. I am not saying this because I am a writer at www.ThugLifeArmy.com . 2Pacs cd’s seemed to get better & better with time like wine. Jay Z and Nas are proven as well. We could go on & on regarding this subject.

I will tell you what Biggie did that was great to me. He put the east coast back in a good place with his first album. The east was in a slump at that time until he dropped Ready To Die. I truly believe that because of the timing of his death, the promotion that Puffy went right into after his death as far as the Missing You video, Biggie having a day in NYC (I believe it was), the huge funeral with the casket riding around new York like a mob figure, and not to mention 2 very good cd’s before his passing. With all of that in place along with the feud he had with Pac (Tupac Shakur), Death Row and Bad Boy fued, and all of the hoopla going on, I believe people got caught up and was like Biggie is the greatest rapper to ever do it (F@#$ It). If Biggie had more time, then only time would have told.

People thought 50 Cent was the greatest when he dropped that 1st cd. Ok, don’t think of me as being crazy. It’s just that time went on & as each record stopped being as dope as the next, you now look at me crazy for saying that he was headed to the top category. But that was during the time of his 1st record. And on the West, we thought the nigga 50 was incredible. Not that he is wack now, but would you still say he is 1 of the dopest since all of his other cd’s came out. I think you get my point. If not, hit me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I am still going to see the movie Notorious and if you ask who is the greatest rapper in hip hop dead or alive? I will tell you that that is a hard one for me. But I am going to name my top 5. Remember, we have to go from the beginning up until now. Also, I don’t know if you all know this but Jalil from the rap group Whodini is my play brother so don’t think I am bias when I name my 5 tops. Of course your top 5 may be different. For some of the historians out there, they will remember that rappers like Melle Mel and DMC was the king of New York at one time. I know some of you can go further back like Russell (Simmons) always does. He’s funny when he does that. Prince Wippa Wip, Grand Master Theodore, Busy Bee (Busy was dope)…. But Russell is funny when he starts droppin names.

Well here we go. I will always put these two rappers at the tip top. If you question me about 1 of them, do your research. Someone did that the other day & they end up agreeing with me. The two number 1 rappers in hip hop TO ME to ever do it is 2Pac (Tupac) and Ice Cube. My other 3 is so difficult man. But I will say Rakim, LL Cool J, Scareface, Jay Z and Eminem. Hahahahahah !!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have 5 but I do have 7.

But man, it is a very difficult debate. Those are all proven artist. I love Slick Rick, Kool G Rap, EST (I like dude from 3XDope). Nas… Oh yea, “Is it MC Shan or is it MC Ren” Nas quote. Both of them was nice. Chuck D, King T… Yea, we use to debate out here who was the dopest out of King T and Ice Cube when they was droppin all them St Ides commercial.

Speaking of Ice Cube and King T, I am going to get in contact with one of the producers from the Boogie Men who produced on Death Certificate. Rashad “Big Rush” Coes. I am gonna hit him up with some masterpiece questions regarding that classic cd. He did production on that cd with Sir jinx, DJ Pooh, and Bobcat. I put that cd down as the greatest rap cd ever. I know people are gonna yell the Chronic, Doggystyle, Illmatic, etc. But I gave it to Death Certificate. Let’s see if we can’t get Rashad for an interview next week folkers. And do me a favor. Go listen to the concept of Death Certificate. And that was Cubes 2nd solo cd. To bad for the sophomore jinks. The death side and the life side. I understand where Dr Khalid Muhammad was coming from on the cd. I like the funeral at the beginning. “Damn, I wanna kill sam”, “Steady Mobbin”, “Us”, “No Vaseline”??? Man oh man…. Ummmmm…… “Down at the crack spot, it’s me and J Dee and we…………..”     I think that whole picture needed to be painted. So I give that the official thumbs up as the greatest cd ever. But there are so many. There is a few 2Pac (Tupac) cd’s that are in my tops and I will go over them later. All Eyez On Me is many peoples favorite all time cd, but I will explain why there is another cd they was just as great to me from 2Pac.

I will also be doing a full interview on Keesha Rowe coming up. We are working damn hard on her new cd. She is very very talented, humble, smart, confident, beautiful and many more great things I could say. And it all comes out in her music. I truly want to talk to Wal Mart or Hear Music (Starbucks) regarding backing this cd. But even if we go independent, I truly believe this cd will be the big one like Fred Sanford. Universal sounding cd. The video concept is bonkers as well. You’ll see.

Holla atcha folkerz !!!!!

GOD bless,

binky mack

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


www.myspace.com/binkymack  (my myspace is back and crackin)

Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 10

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