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Urban Culture News Has the Bar Been Set To High for Barack Obama
Has the Bar Been Set To High for Barack Obama PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID4537   
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 02:14

With last nights win; Barack Obama becomes the first President of color of the United States. This is a historic milestone for a nation who not so long ago, denied equal rights for people of color. This country has come from not recognizing a man of color as a man to electing its first President of color and we as Americans should be proud of our country for coming to this point.

With the election of Barack Obama we must also be careful to not let our guard down. As an American I am proud that this country has come this far and that many racial barriers have been crossed to bring Barack’s win to reality, but also I do not want that to over shadow the fact that he is the President elect and he has many things to attend to now.

Sure the fact that he is the first President of color will always be a historical fact, but what will he be able to accomplish as President. What will the next 4 years bring us?

Seeing Barack with his wife Michelle Obama and their children, I can only imagine that he also wants the best for his family’s future, so I am eager to see what the future holds for all of us.

So as we revel in this historic moment we must not forget that now we need to get down to business. And that brings up an important point. Has the bar been set to high for Barack? Will he be able to live up to the hype?

In four years what will the answer be to ‘Are you better off now then you where 4 years ago’?

The future is uncertain for all of us, but it seems that there are many views on what Barack will do for the country and especially for the citizens. Talk radio is going crazy dumping ideas to fill those who did not support the Obama/Biden ticket with fear. Conservative talk radio failed in there attempts at this before the election and now they just appear to be scared and are lashing out with ‘fear’ speech.

I know the bar has been set high for Barack but I believe he will do what he can and what he believes is best for the country. I also believe that he will not be able to make all his supporters completely ‘happy’; and will that cause a backlash against him?

There are so many views of what is going to happen and what Barack is going to do. We must remember Congress and the House of Representatives have much say in what happens in this country; Barack is the president elect not the king elect. He can only do what he can get co-operation on.

So as we look forward I would hope that all those who supported Barack Obama do not set their own bar for him to high and expect that everything will be great in January ‘09.

This country is really in bad shape and it took years to get to where we are so it will take time to try to straighten and correct the course this country is on. Let’s not set Barack up for failure, but give him the equal balanced chance we gave George Bush.

This election and the future will be an ‘ego’ buster for many people in this country. This country has become full of people who think that they are most important and that the bigger picture doesn’t matter. We have people who live a life style they can not afford and they have the nerve to look down on those who try to just live within their means as lesser people. The ‘ego’ of many Americans is what has got us to this point. Our ‘ego’ has got us into a war we can not win and the financial woes are all based on the out of balance ‘ego’ that this country has cultivated among its citizens; hopefully Barack will be able to check everyone’s ego and make everyone see we are all in this together.

President elect Barack Obama; historic yes but now it is time for him to start writing his legacy – and we all must help to contribute to it.

Urban Culture News Has the Bar Been Set To High for Barack Obama

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