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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable 'Binky's Neighborhood' - Week 4
Hip Hop Notable 'Binky's Neighborhood' - Week 4 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Binky Mack ID4536   
Monday, 03 November 2008 06:02

You are In Binky's Neighborhood (Binky Mack) at 3:53pm on Sunday 11.02.08

As I am going back and forth from CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, and a few others, I decided to get to writing. Thanks for all the people that have been emailing me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Much love.

Last Wednesday it was pure hip hop, I went to the Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh, Mc Lyte, and DJ D- Nice show at Vanguard in Hollywood given by The Honey Collective along with Hennesy. 2 year anniversary I believe. A very good friend of mine, K.G. Super Star is also part of The Honey Collective. K.G. has a lot of stuff happening and I will be keeping you posted.

Also in the house was Boo Heff, Keesha Rowe, Prince, Raekwon (from the Hip Hop group Wu-Tang), MP (Moesha Show) Teddy Riley, DJ Quik, Cliff Love, Don Doe, The Poetess, YoYo, Dee Barnes, King Sun, Money B, Carl Payne, etc. Click below to see the flyer.

You remember Dee Barnes from the old school hip hop show "Pump It Up" back in the days. I think I am gonna google or youTube it. She had all the east and west coast hip hop and rap artist comin threw chillin with her back then. It was good to see her and Poetess (formerely of radio station The Beat in L.A.). Poetess stays hustlin and told me she has a few things goin.

Doug E. Fresh was hosting the show and had Quik come on stage and give him 16 bars while D Nice went into one of Quik's hits. Everybody had a blast. I love how New York old school hip hop artist keeps the train goin and keep gettin they money. My play brother Jalil from Whodini stays on tour with all the hits they got like Freaks Come Out At Night, Friends, One Love, Big Mouth, Funky Beat and many many other hits. It has now came down to the shows because record sales are scarce. I really believe if we have something good to say in our music, people will continue to buy.


Much love to Mark Copeland over at Oglio Entertainment who is part of the Squeak Ru ***Fat World*** project. Mark let me know that things are coming along with the project. The cd is fire, now go get yours...IN STORES NOW !

I was on my old myspace page which is now being ran as a full on publicist myspace by no other than ol Flench Newz (www.myspace.com/MyOwnPublicist ). But as I was on there the last few weeks, I saw there was emails for me from a clown that didn''t like how I felt about Obama and why I was voting for him (my views only of course). But he didn''t really like McCain either and was talking real crazy about Obama, which I will not mention what he said on there.

He got real disrespectful towards me as well and I had to respond to him in a nice way and let him know that he was out of line. But don''t think I went soft. Check this out. He is an Eminem type rapper that just so happened to had done a song with Bad Azz who is my dawg. So I am thinking wow, this guy is running his mouth and probably figures we will never cross paths. I continue to move in silence and will leave it there. Some advice though. No tough talkin on myspace because you never know who knows who, schmell that!

I was checking out Glasses Malone's new blogs last night and was very surprised at what I was watching. I never really listen to radio. All my info comes from online. In the car, everything is programmed to talk radio shows.

But Glasses was talking about his songs coming out and the meaning behind each one. At first I didn''t think I was going to finish watching even the first one. The blogs was in 3 parts. But I ended up watching all 3. Very informative from beginning to end. I thought to myself, this is a dude that needs to be a super star one day and I will tell you why. Even though we all have a little cocky in us in the rap game, Glasses seems to be a humble cat that is about his business. He is floodin the internet and stayin in peoples faces. I don''t really care if you from the hood or not. It is about the hustle one way or the other. I been preaching that from day one. The rap game is like the economy. There is no middle class. Only rich and poor. Either you have the machine behind you like 50 Cent (the rich) or you grind from the pavement and make it happen like Tech N9ne (poor to rich independetly). No more doing 4 songs and going to get a deal (middle class). Glasses has a machine behind him, but can he kick back and let the machine do the work? Nah, wont work today and it don''t seem like he is depending on that machine. Same with Bishop Lamont, Damani, 211 and a few hip hop and rap others. I would like to see 211 out there a little more though. He's dope.

Hip Hop notable W.C. (of the Westside Connection) told me back when me and Squeak Ru was signed to Priority Records in 1996 that you can''t kick back and depend on these record labels, you gotta get out and grind for yourself. Not that I followed that path back then, but now I see. I was caught up in the deal and thought everybody at the label handled everything. WRONG !!! But people know me and they know I am for the new cats all day. On our independent records, I always made sure we had new rap cats on the records. Shout out to Keesha Rowe cause she is gonna be the next one to make it happen. Against all odds cause the females have been a little silent in the game lately, but I am far from worried. You will see. Remember the name, Keesha Rowe!

Well, I am about to exit the premises. Still got Mary Mary new cd The Sound in the deck. But when rollin with Don Doe, he been bumpin all of 2Pac (Tupac) and Biggie on a mixtape someone made him. Both 2pac (Tupac) and Biggie on a few cd's ? Pretty good. Brought back memories. Make sure yaw vote on or before Tuesday.

I am still gettin my feet wet with these write ups, so shouts to Robert for the love. He told me to do me on the articles so I am. I am also into gospel music as well and don''t have a problem bringing you info on some of those artist like Onitsha. She is from L.A. I believe and she is dope. Bomb cd and heard she may be working on another one. I need a beat on there. Oh''boy... Shout out to Phil who did a song on her first cd.

Holla atcha folks at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it & it's still Westside Connection cause I help start this gangsta ???? Jokin, I got carried away for a minute.

Also, if you went to Inglewood high School, whatever year, email me asap !


Keep God 1st...

binky mack

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

still can reach me at www.myspace.com/MyOwnPublicist
Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable 'Binky's Neighborhood' - Week 4

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