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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 11
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Written by Binky Mack ID4617   
Monday, 26 January 2009 07:05

IN HIP HOP NOTABLE: BINKY's HOOD (01.25.09) Sunday at 10:28pm: What up folkers? Back at you with another write up and I am geeked to have the opportunity to have your eyes & ears. I celebrated Obama becoming the first black president like everyone else. I got a ear full on the day I was celebrating from a few debaters that wanted to debate me on religion. I was at the Ladera shopping center in L.A. that day from 2pm til 10pm. I know it sounds like a long time but I had a blast. People was at Fridays getting drunk & listening to the radio station (KJLH) bumpin music from their loud speakers that they had set up. I was in Starbucks with a friend of mine who I will be doing an interview with soon (Bryan L. Oakley) and we were handling business believe it or not.

As the day went on, my friend was occupied talking to another friend as I was kicking back speaking to a woman and a man regarding what they believed. I will not mention their belief but I did tell them about mine. I made my point and stayed an audience member as I let them two have the stage the rest of the way. Not gonna be long winded with this but I did some research on what they believed and boy was I shocked at the online info I read. Murders, sexual activity, etc. It all went down with this cult I was told about. But had I not been grounded, maybe I would have fell for the banana in the tail pipe (Eddie Murphy BEVERLY HILLS COP quote). Anyway, keep ya eyes focused & look out for false prophets, lol… I am gonna stop there because it was much more that went down, Amen…lol!

Ok, this is a hip hop music site, so what can we talk about in the music world ? I got one. I saw the movie Notorious. Nice movie but I don’t get lil Kim’s take on home girl Naturi Naughton representing her in a bad way. Home girl did a bomb job as well as MC Gravy playing Biggie, the one that played Faith and Puffy. Kim sounded bitter but it was a good watch. There was a sceen in the movie that they did not come correct on. My old room mate Big D was there at a event when 2Pac (Tupac) and Biggie saw each other at the awards. It went down differently than what they showed in the movie. But I laughed and just enjoyed the film. O Hollywood…

Well, I have noticed companies cutting back in a major way. May sound small but I noticed when I purchased my tortilla soup from Vons, the big chunks of chicken is not in there no more. Schmell that ? Just graded chicken now. Blame the economy. I may have to call their corporate offices.

Also for the last year or so, PF Changs shrimps have been on a diet. Hmmm, blame the economy to? I also noticed that a few restaurant’s have been empty that I have been to lately. As time has gone by it seems like things are getting better but in reality, there not. I don’t have no answers besides trust God. We all definitely need to move in with one another if need be, share more and be supportive of one another. Now is the time. The old radio talk shows are predicting times to be worse in 2009. But we have to help the new president with everything starting at home with US.

I was creeping on a few websites listening to some young westcoast hip hop rappers and thought to myself that it is time for some of them to start bringing something fresh to the table. Right when I clicked on the play button, I started to hear ho’s, b’s, light a blunt, etc. & thought dizamn, times are changing. What a time to be hearing all this with the economy the way it is. Right now people are trying to feel better. I know folks will point the finger at me and state that I use to do it, etc. But if you truly think about it, there is a reason we are not advancing on the west. I love the west movement and there are definitely a few folks on the mic that are trying to go left from all of the stuff we have already said with the NWA, Westside Connection, Dj Quik, Dre, etc. But there is a open market for someone on the mic with something to say. Keep it bumpin of course & give them a little something they can use in these hard times and you never know. That music you been workin on for the longest may just go threw the roof.

I will never forget when we was working on the first Westside Connection cd and went over to Skip Saylors recording studio to listen to some tracks from DJ Quik. Quik was telling me and Mack 10 that gangsta rap was over. Of course I was thinking, he is a damn fool for saying that. But in reality, he saw it coming. We had not even dropped the Bow Down cd yet. I will say there was another hit cd that came after us which was Snoop & the Eastsiderz. After that, things have been a down spiral. Can’t speak on Snoop and Cube. They have their solid market. They are going to always move units, but I am speaking on something new coming from the west. There is a reason you have not heard a new cd from some of these hungry artist out here on the west. We don’t want to come out with that first anticipated cd & it tanks. You know…. That first impression.

But anyway, if we love the music, it won’t matter anyway. We won’t run out of gas. We will just keep going no matter what the outcome is. I love the game still. The pay is horrible but that’s why I do a million other things. I will continue to put out artist like Keesha Rowe, Boo Hef, etc. I love some of the new west movement cats that have something to say. Keep it poppin off. I am out. Bout to get some sleep & get ready for Monday. Hard work with hardly no rest.

Shout out to my old high school partner (Mark Sherrell) that thinks he can play ball and has knowledge on this hip hop music. We been keeping in touch threw the Inglewood High website I told I told yaw about .

Holla atcha boy and I will see yaw next week !!!

Of course GOD bless !!!!

binky mack

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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 11

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