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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 13
Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 13 PDF Print E-mail
Written by binky mack ID4625   
Tuesday, 03 March 2009 08:47

Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack: IN BINKY's HOOD 3/2/09 Monday morning in Ladera Heights - Man, I am all over the place. Physically and mentally…lol. I am in a unusual location in Los Angeles writing you today with a nice coffee drink.

I listen to conservative talk radio all the time and people would wonder why does he listen to that type of radio station. I always liked 2Pac’s (Tupac) saying of “keep your enemy close”. I know what the Obama folks are talking about most of the time, but I need to see what those other guys are doing. I will get back to this subject a little later. Stay with me.

Usually I write my ThugLifeArmy.com article on Sunday nights and last night I was ummmmmm……. LAZY. My fault (but I did have notes). But I have a few things to hit on this week.

For one, I have been getting a lot of love from the 2 Inglewood High School alumni webpages. The Sentinels and The Quad (which is Morningside High). When me and Squeak Ru (along with former member B.R.) came with the rap group allfrumtha I (pronounced All From The I), it meant all from Inglewood. What we was doing was representing for all of the people of Inglewood musically. So that justifies why I am also on the Morningside webpage but am not officially an alumni of that school. These are only for alumni’s so you need to hook up with me so you can see the webpage sport coats… That’s my ol saying. Sport coat.

Ok, I was listening to a song with Game and Lil Wayne on the internet the other day. I forget the name of it (ghetto of me or I just forgot). Maybe I have not given Lil Wayne a chance since everybody was crowning him the king, but I am wondering why all the verses I am hearing from him is fire as of late. I can see he is Damu’n it on a lot of his records and it brings me to wonder is he official or doing his great home work on the b card. I would hope doing his homework because the gang bang thang is for real and I would hate to see an individual caught up in a situation like that. If someone pulls your card, it is time to respond in that game. So Wayne, how about just making good records SPORT COAT…

I had blasted the Mayor of Los Alamitos on several of my web pages. He is the one that sent out the email of all of the watermelons on the White House lawn. Here is his info for all of the ThugLifeArmy.com hip hop folkers. Mayor Dean Grose (562) 431-3538 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I hear he is stepping down but if I was you I would still bug the hell out of that clown. I just heard on the news that the mayor said that he did not know blacks would get upset with the whole watermelon thing he sent out. He said he never heard of the saying that blacks liked watermelon, etc.

What is it about black folks, chicken and watermelon that amuses a certain few? I question it because I have been in the valley area outside of Los Angeles for over 10 years. I have eatin in some nice areas that have fried chicken and watermelon available on the menu and not that many blacks in the establishment. I see people of all races tearing up some fried chicken. Man they have pre cooked fried chicken in Ralphs, Albertsons, Vons, etc. and this food is being bought. Remember I am speaking of non-black areas. Watermelons are stacked up in the super markets and are being bought in non black areas. Does Binky Mack like fried chicken and watermelon like that ? Well for one I know to much fried food is not good for me so I do my best not to eat to much when I was eating that type of food. I am off of meat these days & believe for good this time. But hot wings are good and fried chicken is good to but I am not knocking down any doors to get me some chicken folks. Of course unless it’s ROSCOES CHICKEN AND WAFFLES. A place where all the movie industry whites have taken over for many many years in Hollywood. But of course blacks, Mexican, asian and everyone else loves our famous chicken joint around Los Angeles.


Also I love watermelon. Hopefully a nice juicy sweet one. But I guarantee you it is more white folks that like watermelon than blacks. Guarantee it! And at the same time why does it matter ? I have heard people say that their food taste’s like white folks food. Meaning no seasoning. Getting on the black folks now. Well we all know to much seasoning will have a (n I double g a) with high blood pressure.

So folks let’s get over it. Eat what you want, date who you want (well, ummm), vote how you want and serve God. I won’t get into that, lol… Serve the TRUE God and only God…. Ok, had to get that out.

My homie Rashad “Big Rush” Coes said I am 10 years behind on technology, lol. Well I want everybody to know that the producer in me is about to be a MAJOR PROBLEM. People may say “this guy is just doing this” ???? But I have officially got my laptop up to do my beats why I am on the road. Yes, a problem is what I am saying it will be for other producers. I already did 2 heaters and I will be putting out for 2009 along with the Keesha Rowe project. Yessssirrrrr !!!!

Yesterday I was in the new & improved Westfield Topanga Mall (folks, it may be the best mall out our way in Cali… that title use to go to the Costa Mesa mall) and bumped into a very good friend of mine that I have not seen since a Laker game I believe a few years back. Fuzzy from Power 106. Fuzzy has been the same way since I first met him back I n1996 when allfrumtha i was coming into the game. Shout out to him & Big Boy of the Big Boy morning show here in Los Angeles.

Ok, last but not least, I have started a campaign. The Don’t Listen To: rush limbaugh & sean hannity campaign aka the Shut’em Down Campaign. I had to put their name in lower case of course. I want people who have really listened to these clowns to listen to what I am about to tell you. I will expose their game. BUT, I have ran out of time & will continue this for next week…. Stay tuned. Let’s shut them 2 clowns down just because they are racist.

Of course as always, GOD 1st & GOD bless !!!!

binky mack

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


www.myspace.com/binkymack (myspace is back up and crackin)

Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 13

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