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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable 'Binky's Neighborhood' - Week 2
Hip Hop Notable 'Binky's Neighborhood' - Week 2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Binky Mack ID4532   
Wednesday, 22 October 2008 03:02

In the studio with my homegirl and biz''ness partner Keesha Rowe and thought I would get an interview with her right here at 10:26pm (Saturday night) after she finishes writing her 2nd verse for "Rock That", an internet give-a-way. So here we go, let's get to know my folks, Keesha Rowe.

1) Binky Mack: Even though you may be new to some, you have done a lot of work. One is workin with me on a lot of stuff. But tell me what can you offer to a music world that seems to be down like the recession we are in ?

Keesha Rowe: Creativity...drawing up inspiration from all source of life.

2) Binky Mack: What time do you usually wake up in the morning and what do you do from that time up until 12 noon ?

Keesha Rowe: WOW! It depends on the night. sometimes 1am, sometimes 3am get freshened up, write in my journal, get my thoughts together, check the agenda and get it done.

3) Binky Mack: What a time to wake up girl. What's your favorite color?

Keesha Rowe: I have a couple...bright colors...except navy blue. There's something official about it.

4) Binky Mack: If spiritual, what faith do you believe in ?

Keesha Rowe: I''m Christian

5) Binky Mack: What is the definition of music with lyrucs to you ?

Keesha Rowe: Stories told over beats.

Look out for Keesha Rowe's project coming soon. We are in talks of having an EP before Christmas produced by: Bank and Doe (binky mack and dondoe) and others.

In other news, looks like Colin Powell has endorsed Obama and I think that is a good thang. Pat Buchanan called it a tribal thing. I am assuming he meant a black man endorsing a black man, but I am sure there was a lot of Mexicans who endorsed Viragosa and white men who have endorsed George Bush. So why would ol Pat say something like that? Tribal? Well, just ignore ignorance. Time for a change anyway, schmell that? 1 guy for sure who is a racist so let me state his name right here for ya. Rush Limbaugh. Rush mentioned that he is going to look into other whites that Colin Powell had voted for in the past that was far left liberals. Why is it any of his business? I am gonna have Rush's email address next week so we can all email him and tell him about himself. His new contract is for $400 million (highest paid journalist) so he is trying to dodge the tax...oh boy!

Looks like regular underground hip hoip rappers are in the same boat as some of the veteran hip hop rappers. They are all looking for that hit. Frustrating I know, but can you imagine a hip hop rapper having a regular job at foot locker or Subway. With the economy slump and no jobs, you may be seeing that soon. We all gotta stay legally hustlin. Get creative and come up with new ideals so we can be in the new billionaire bracket which is now at 104 billion on the Fortune 500 list. Anything under that amount did not make it this year. Wow, if I was at 103 billion, I would not be on the list. Hmmmm....

Well, I am out. Bout to go to Starbucks and then head to the book store and look for Hip Hop weekly. I am gonna change it to Hip Hop Monthly though. They be missin in action on the book stands. Some magazines are about gonna need a bail out from the government because everytime you read anything in the magazine, you already had that info from www.thuglifearmy.com or somewhere else online a week ago. That's why you wanna stay tuned at www.thuglifearmy.com .. I am gonna tell Rob to make sure Keesha Rowe's track is available for free download. Get ready for the true baddest chick (I mean Woman) !!!!!

binky mack

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Download Keesha Rowe – Rock That – HERE (Right click and save to download)

Email Binky and let him know your feedback on Keesha Rowe’s latest track at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable 'Binky's Neighborhood' - Week 2

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