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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 12
Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 12 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Binky Mack ID4623   
Tuesday, 24 February 2009 03:12

Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack: IN BINKY's HOOD (new & improved) 2/24/09 Sunday at 2:02pm watching the Celtics kill the Suns…

Off for 3 weeks and now I am back. Been reading a few websites including this one. I have also been listening to a few talk radio shows and doing more listening than writing.

Where are we headed in these days of change ? I noticed that someone from the inside (LAPD I guess) has sold a picture of Rhianna to TMZ. Only for $62,000 dollars. Why not $200,000 dollars? Can anything be bought for a price?

Xzibit mentioned going to a gay club with Superhead that Diddy dragged them too after another party. Superhead already mentioned it in her book a while ago. Why is Xzibit just now speaking on it? I do believe Xzibit but where does that leave Tigga if Superhead is 100% truth? lol… I just read this, so I am not gossiping. Just passing on info.

Everything about Chris and Rhianna, I have been fast forwarding. It get’s boring after a while. IF Chris did what they said he did, of course he needs a fade by somebody his size. But he don’t have to worry about Jay Z doing anything. Jay spoke on it, but real people move in silence Jigga Man.

Lovin that new Dr Dre, T.I. and Nas song “Topless”. Don’t know who cd it is on, but it is bangin…Also diggin the new Camron song “I Hate My Job”… That song is dope & funny. That one should automatically go platinum.

Who cares about the Oscars. We know who isn’t going to win this year! Is that negative ?

Keesha Rowe cd is very close to being finished with no name artist on it. I promise noise will be made. We will be doing a FULL interview on her with new photos and music here at www.thuglifearmy.com 1st !

The stimulus package is more confusing than Tom and John’s religious belief. Oooops…. I trust Obama knows what he is doing as I continue to read upon it.

The music industry continues to suffer. Artist are now their own bosses and have to act as if you are the label. Continued hustle is what it will take to succeed. Use everything available to you to get out there. Don’t give up and ignore the haters. You should do just fine.

I promised the interview with Rashad “Big Rush” Coes who was part of the production team that put together Ice Cube’s Death Certificate album. Maybe the best rap cd EVER ! That will be coming soon as I promised.

Read something lovely on a bumper sticker the other day. It said: MY WIFE GIVES ME SOUND ADVICE. 99% SOUND & 1% ADVICE. That was funny. I am sure there are people who can relate. Ooook……..

Big Suge been getting into it lately. He helped build a legacy with Death Row Records. I would say kick back & relax on the hangin out. Let them youngsters do that. Build another label quietly and have some imposter corporate people being the everyday face & make hitz…. U knoooow…..

Congradz to Mary Mary on cleaning up on all them awards from different places like the Grammys… To me, the best over all cd for 2008. Gospel or secular. Now what ??? I have that ear…

I have to get out & see that new movie Madea Goes To Jail. I heard it was very good.

NY Post cartoon ? I would just say some folks need firing (Sean Delonas). And like the modern day converted Jew, we need to react & boycott !!! From what I see, that’s exactly what we are doing. Power to the people !

More & more people on the streets asking for money. It seems that I see this activity threw out the day, everyday. If you can only help out with a meal or a few dollars, do that…Times are hard for some.

Keeping in contact with everybody who has been hitting me up on my myspace page. www.myspace.com/binkymack . Much love to everyone. Come check me out…

And last: Oprah Winfrey and her New Earth Church ? I will be speaking on that later with a few video links to give you. Some black pastors are calling her the anti Christ. I will just say….. Ummm, I will speak on it later. Oprah and Eckhart Tolle are a little confused. My oh my…

Keeping my friend Rob at www.thuglifearmy.com in my prayers always.

Of course as always, GOD 1st & GOD bless !!!!

binky mack

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www.myspace.com/binkymack (my myspace is back and crackin)

Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 12

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