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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 8
Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 8 PDF Print E-mail
Written by binky mack ID4581   
Sunday, 28 December 2008 23:53

IN HIP HOP NOTABLE BINKY's HOOD (12.28.08) Sunday night @ 11:04pm - Got a new book I am writing called ‘???’ Wait, I can’t say yet. But I will soon.

Merry Christmas or should I say Happy Holiday’s? Well, I was just reading where a woman got fired from her job for answering the phone and stating Merry Christmas. We are getting down to the wire. Do we still want to continue doing our own thing as we want to do it here in the U.S.? Tailor make a belief or religion that fits us? I don’t want to start preaching right now but I think I need to preach… Just joking.

It’s funny I am on this subject because I was just looking at the documentary by Bill Maher titled “religulous”. Friends had been telling me I need to see it and I kept saying nah, I don’t want to see it. Well I went ahead and looked at most of it. I can’t fault Bill Maher on stating that he just don’t know. But along the way he makes sarcastic jokes & the documentary was very well edited.

I have a friend in New York that loves anything to do with blasphemy but won’t admit to it. Anybody that speaks against Christianity, she loves them. At the same time she also worships any top selling recording artist. If the person is very popular and has a major audience following, that is her person. Example: She loves Beyonce, Jay Z and R Kelly. They are the best artist in the whole world to her. Now remember, she has been a friend for a long time. I have known her past favorites (Dr Dre, DJ Quik, etc.) and she was with them when they where out and HOT at the time. It goes past the fact that she likes their work and they can sing well, blah blah blah… She makes statements like, “Oh, I just love such and such and he is the best. There is no one out there like him”. You may think I am going over board but I did hear from another friend that she was popping up at Beyonce’s shows in different states. Ummm, following Beyonce.

Remember I said she follows people that have a huge following. Her man now is Obama. I voted for Obama and I like Obama and he is a great representation for all people but even when I am complimenting him, she insists that “Yaw” be hating on Obama as if I am a Republican. Rather I am or not, I can’t even say anything that is in disagreement with Obama with out her jumping down my throat. We are good friends though and I just be listening to her. But she is 1 person out of a few people that have inspired me to write a book on so called groupies, celebrity worshippers, etc. I wont give away the title though but the book is gonna be hot.

Give you an example of something I am putting in the book. I was walking with an up & coming rapper at the time in the Beverly Center here in Los Angeles. We was in a heavy convo as we were walking on the 2nd floor. Now I see LL Cool J walk pass us but I am still talking to my friend. As I am talking I am not looking at my friend. Next thing you know I turned to look at him & he is walking in the opposite direction with LL. Now that was funny. I have been killing him on that one for a very long time. Groupie you say or normal? There are more examples in the book. I call anyone a groupie, fanatic, man/woman worshipper that comes out of character when someone is famous is around. Nothing wrong with saying, “what’s up Denzel, I liked you in American Gangsta” and then be on ya way. Because to be honest, Denzel really don’t know you. He is just going into work on his work days and you get to see his work. But before you think you can become Denzels best friend, you need to also speak to the mail man sitting there, the postal worker and the man that works at McDonalds.

I hold no one to a higher standard because of their law degree, doctorate, masters or their 20 million a movie pay check, etc. The other day a homeless lady needed something to eat and I got her something but it was a special time just having that conversation with her. She to me is no different than Denzel and I believe Denzel would agree with that.

So the next time you see Lil Wayne at Burger King and lose it, don’t forget to also speak to the little old lady in the line behind Lil Wayne since you really don’t know neither one of them. Amen ?

So support the book whenever it get’s done because it will be therapy to a lot of people. Remember, I traveled around with hip hop notables the Westside Connection and Mc Eiht on a regular. I got to see first hand people reaction to their rap hero’s. I even had a few people that supported allfrumtha I but what I did right off the top was make sure you understood that me & you are the same. I would kick it on the couch with you in the lobby of a hotel just choppin it up. Didn’t matter what level I got to in the music game. That was just me. I will still do the same now. I am starting some sober living homes in Louisiana and will love every minute of serving the people. I will continue to serve until I check out. Now that is true value money can’t buy.

I will be having full interviews with some known & unknown artist coming up for 2009. Of course we are gonna, quote on quote, “keep it real”. Talk about everyday stuff, etc.

Peace, hair grease and GOD bless. Hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS…

binky mack

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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 8

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