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TLA Promotions Press Releases Seattle Hip Hop Legend Gets Trial for Police Beating
Seattle Hip Hop Legend Gets Trial for Police Beating PDF Print E-mail
Written by Site Admin. ID3418   
Friday, 09 March 2007 07:06

TLA-PROnline.com Press Release 3-9-2007 / DV-One, Seattle Hip Hop Legend, is finally getting his day in court, and Seattle Hip Hop will be there in solidarity March 19th, 8:30am, E1201 at The Kign County Courthouse, 516 3rd Avenue Seattle

Original Statement FROM DV-One (Seattle Hip Hop Legend): this is my declaration to be submitted ASAP.

On September 15, 2006 at around 7:30pm I went to memorial stadium to pick up my daughter (Andrea Christian) from her high schools football game at memorial stadium. Upon my arrival I quickly located Andrea and directed her to the car so we could leave. As my daughter walked away (toward the car) I stayed behind and chatted with a friend briefly before being interrupted by one of Andreas friends, Adreianna Holmes.

Adreianna said Toby, the police have Andrea! and I should go see what was going on. As I went over to the scene I noticed Andrea being held by the police in an arm lock and being shoved repeatedly against a parked car by a police officer, while another officer stood guard. I approached the scene and was immediately stopped by the female police officer who said I couldnt go over there with her hands outstretched blocking. I identified myself as the parent of the child being detained and the officer said so what!

The female officer then reached for her flashlight and pulled it out. I put my hands up, and backed off saying whoa, whoa, and she responded with oh so youre gonna hit me? and immediately radiod the all call officer assaulted after sending the radio to other officers she proceeded forward rushing in toward me swinging, the officer detaining my daughter pulled out his firearm as more officers swarmed in. I turned my back avoid being shot, hit, or grabbed. I was then slammed to the ground by two officers, handcuffed, kicked in the head (approx 20x), body and limbs repeatedly, berated and tazed at least twice, while already subdued on the ground.

The kicking and stomping of my head and body continued while I was being handcuffed, ridiculed, and humiliated in front of my daughter and many onlookers. Another officer grabbed my hand while I was cuffed pushing my wrist down and shoving my arms upward in some type of judo move, while telling me he would break my arm for hitting his female officer. I was then left on the ground while being searched and stood over by several police. When I was brought to my feet my shoulder felt dislocated, my face was bloody, my eyes and head extremely swollen, and body bruised from the police beating.

The officers then asked me how I liked being tazed and if it felt good. They then told me this is going to be another felony on your record and you’re going to prison now boy. After that I was rushed to a nearby police car. I was sat down to watch the officer who originally detained my 14 year old daughter proceed to grab, slam, scream and continue to berate her, blame her for what happened to her father.

The situation culminated with Andrea and Adreianna being handcuffed and taken into custody. Andrea is a honor student who recently graduated from St. Therese School, and a first week freshman at Franklin High School. She has no criminal record, respects authority, and goes to school everyday with a big pink tinkerbell backpack. Andrea is clearly not a threat to anyones safety, especially the police.

What happened to us that night was an obvious abuse of power. It was unjust, brutal and an easy civil rights violation. My beating and most certainly the abuse received by my daughter was unprovoked and completely unnecessary.

For more info/press/support please visit:


More information from Mike Clark:

Mark your calendars. March 19, 2007 is quickly approaching as this is one of the most important days in the history of Seattle Hip Hop when one of our Northwest pioneers DV One will stand trial vs The Seattle Police Department. This will likely be a week long trial. If need be, please let your employers know ASAP as to which days you would like to take off to attend the trial.  DV One will need as many supporters and participants there as possible.

The court dates prior to this one were important as well, but this will be the one that determines the fate of DV One as he is facing a potential Assault 3 felony along with a 5 year sentence and $50,000 fine. This is absolutely no joke.

The trial will take place at the King County Courthouse

King County Courthouse

516 - 3rd Avenue - Room E1202

Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: (206) 296-9100

Fax: (206) 296-0986

TTY: (206) 205-5048

Below I have provided some useful information regarding the King County Courthouse:


The following link provides an order entered into THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR KING COUNTY regarding the rules regarding press coverage in the courtroom.   

How to Get There

The King County Courthouse is located between 3rd and 4th Avenues and Jefferson and James streets in the Pioneer Square District of downtown Seattle. Entrances to the courthouse are on 3rd and 4th Avenues. Courthouse area map http://www.expedia.com/pub/agent.dll?qscr=mcst&strt1=516+Third+Avenue&city1=Seattle&stnm1=WA&zipc1=98104&&tpid=1&&zz=1173154112438&  

Taking the bus: Visitors to the courthouse are encouraged to use the metro bus system to avoid traffic congestion and parking difficulties. Many routes to downtown Seattle stop at or near the courthouse. Bus route information http://tripplanner.metrokc.gov/cgi-bin/itin_page.pl?resptype=U&origloc=&destloc=king%20county%20courthouse&daflag=D&time=&maxwalk=.50&min=T  

Driving directions http://www.expedia.com/pub/agent.dll?qscr=mcst&strt1=&city1=&stnm1=&zipc1=&strt2=516+Third+Avenue&city2=Seattle&stnm2=WA&zipc2=98104&&tpid=1  

Parking: Several parking lots are available on Fourth and Fifth Avenues, South of the courthouse. Discounts are given for all day parking and lots often fill early in the morning. There is no parking at or immediately adjacent to the courthouse.

Accommodations for people with disabilities

Superior Court follows state and federal standards for making reasonable accommodations at the King County Courthouse for people with disabilities. Assisted listening devices and American Sign Language interpretation are available from Interpreter Services, (206) 206-9358. For other assistance, call (206) 296-9100.


Childcare is not available at the courthouse.


A snack shop is located near the first floor entrance to the courthouse. Vending machines are available in jury assembly rooms on the 7th floor. A variety of restaurants are located in the Columbia Center at 4th Avenue and Cherry St. (two blocks north of the courthouse) and in the Pioneer Square area, west of the courthouse.

Web Site

This is the Official Support DV One page http://www.myspace.com/supportdvone. This will be the page by which you can get information leading up to the day of the trial. Please show your support by attending the trial of the Seattle Police Department vs DV One on March 19, 2007.


Mike Clark

phone: 206-251-2797

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mikeclark206

TLA Promotions Press Releases Seattle Hip Hop Legend Gets Trial for Police Beating

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