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ThugLifeArmy Tupac's Outlawz
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Written by Staff ID6   
Wednesday, 22 September 2004 20:04



Pac’s Outlawz-

At first, around 1994, 2pac got to know Big Syke.  They developed a strong friendship, as 2Pac brought syke into the music industry, and Syke told 2pac how things was on the streets. 2Pac suggested that Syke put his heart into making music for the streets, and began to form the group that would be known as Thug Life. They added Mopreme (tupac's half brother), Komani, Rated R and Macadoshis.

The group released their first album togeher, called Thug Life Volume 1. 2Pac had planned that he would do many more volumes with different groups each time. each time, he would get them to talk to the streets and their feelings onto the mic, like it was on ''How long will they Mourn Me''. 

Tracklist for thuglife vol. 1:  1.Bury me a g,  2.Don''t get it twisted,  3.Shit dont stop,  4.Pour out a lil liqor,  5.Stay true,  6.How long will they mourn me,  7.Under pressure,  8.Street fame,  9.Cradle to the grave,  10.Str8 Ballin

The fact of 10 tracks may shock u - but dont wry cause this album has it all. each song counts as two basically - theyre all that good. the original thuglife show there talent, and 2pac delivers as usual (110%). this album is one of the less ''popular/recognised'' ones - just like still i rise, but it has all the quality of other albums.  Production is on spot.  i hear that interscope made it down to 10 tracks from about 16, because they claimed it was ''too violent'' to be put on. If they hadn''t, it would certainly have went platinum. a tru klassik.

There are only three members left, who perform and are called Tha Outlawz.

  Original Outlawz
Makaveli aka 2Pac
Mussolini aka Big Syke
E.D.I Amin
Komani aka Mopreme
Hussein Fatal

Other Members
Young Noble
New Child

Kadafi Is Killed, Shortly After Tupac

Kadafi Real Name: Yafeu A Fula (October 9th 1977 - November 10th 1996) He was a member of the group Dramacydal under the name Yak. Kadafi was murdered about a month after Tupac in a apartment building in 1996. Kadafi was in a car behind Tupac when Tupac was shot . Kadafi was going to tell police who he saw shoot Tupac. In a Interview with "The Source" in 2000 Napoleon said his cousin Roddy accidently killed Kadafi when they were playing with a gun. Napoleon got Roddy to turn himself in. Kadafi was named after President of Libya, Mu`ammar Qadhafi.

November 14, 1996 Teen nabbed in death of Shakur witness


By Cathy Scott
Las Vegas Sun

A teenager suspected of killing a key witness in the Tupac Shakur murder has been arrested by police in Orange, N.J.

The 16-year-old boy, whose name was not released because he is a minor, was arrested at 10 p.m. Wednesday in Irvington, N.J., Orange Police Capt. Richard Conte said. A second suspect, a 17-year-old, "will be turning himself in today with his attorney," Conte said.

Yafeu Fula, 19, was shot once in the head and found slumped in a third-floor hallway of a housing project about 3:48 a.m. Sunday in Orange, Conte said.

Metro Police Lt. Larry Spinosa said today that Fula "was the only person in the (Shakur) entourage who made a statement to us that he could possibly identify the shooter. Now he's gone."

But he said Fula "wasn''t coming forward anyway. We didn''t know where he was until he turned up in New Jersey dead on Sunday."

Spinosa said that after talking with Metro Police, Fula went to the attorney for Death Row Records, David Kenner. "All our contacts after that were from Kenner in California," Spinosa said.

Fula was a member of Shakur's backup group, the Outlaws Immortalz, who toured with Shakur. Fula was sitting with bodyguards in the car behind Shakur's when the gangsta rapper was shot Sept. 7.

Shakur, one of rap's most successful and notorious singers, was shot four times near the Strip following the Mike Tyson-Bruce Seldon boxing match. He died six days later.

Police say they have received little cooperation from Shakur's entourage, which included Fula.

Fula was taken to University Hospital in Newark, N.J., where he died Sunday afternoon, Conte said.

Conte said police do not believe the killing was connected to Shakur's homicide.

"It has nothing to do with Las Vegas as far as we can determine," he said.

Kenner also represents Marion "Suge" Knight, the head of Death Row Records, which was Shakur's label. Knight was driving with Shakur in a rented BMW on East Flamingo Road when Shakur was gunned down by a shooter in a white late-model Cadillac. No suspects have been arrested.

"We wanted Fula to look at a photo lineup, and the attorney would say he would get back to us, and he never did," Spinosa said. "As far as the investigation is concerned, it really does not change the status in the case at all. It's an open investigation, however, at this point we''ve reached an end to fresh leads."

Police said Shakur and Fula were close friends, not relatives. But in Shakur's obituary in "Billboard" magazine, Fula's mother, Yaasmyn Fula, was listed as Shakur's aunt.

Outlawz History

Tupac liked Lil'' Homies, but Fatal who was almost as old as Tupac didn''t want people to refer to him as a lil'' homie, instead he suggested Outlaw Immortalz which Tupac agreed with.. On February 16, 1996, All Eyez On Me was released. The group guest appeared on "When We Ride" and they made solo guest appearances on "All About U," "Tradin'' War Stories," "Thug Passion," "Picture Me Rollin''," "Check Out Time," "All Eyez On Me" and "Run Tha Streetz." After the release Komani and Moozaliny left the group for unknown reasons and female rapper Donna "Storm" Hunter joined the group who changed its name from the Outlaw Immortalz to the Outlawz. Outlawz stands for Operating Under Thug Laws As WarriorZ.

On June 14, Tupac's "How Do U Want It" single was released. It featured "Hit ''Em Up" featuring the Outlawz. It's the most notorious dis song in history. Bad Boy Entertainment, Chino XL, Junior M.A.F.I.A. and Mobb Deep is dissed on it. Tupac claimed he had sex with Bad Boy Entertainment recording artist The Notorious B.I.G.'s wife, Faith Evans. The video which was made for the song was the first Tupac video the Outlawz appeared in. Kadafi and Fatal had their friend, Rufus "Young Noble" Cooper, to join


She is the only female member of the Outlawz. Storm appeared on "All Eyez on Me" on several tracks and the "Gang Related" and "Gridlock''d" Soundtracks in 1997. She continued making appearances with the Outlawz in 1998 on C-Bo's album "Till my casket Drops". She was on 1 song on "Still I Rise". She Has a big scar on the left side of her face.

I have spoke to Hurt M Badd, one of the producers of the Makaveli Album about Storm. She is fine and does not rap much anymore. That is a loss for all of us. She was a Lady who could spit fire, and she is genuinely missed and greatly appreciated. One Love to her and I pray she is happy in what ever she decides to do.  * A update - Storm has become a MOM and is doing the MOM thing, and we hold her in great respect for that. We wish her tha best and pray she and her family remains Blessed.

Some Background on Storm

Donna "Storm" Hunter is the only female Outlaw. She appears on album such as Tupac's All Eyez On Me, the soundtrack for Gridlock''d, the soundtrack for Gang Related, C-BO's Til'' My Casket Drops, Heltah Skeltah's Magnum Force, the Outlawz's Still I Rise, the soundtrack for Thug Angel: Life Of An Outlaw and others. After Tupac's death, she left the Outlawz, quit rapping and formed a family.'', ''Donna "Storm" Hunter met rapper Tupac Shakur on the set during the shooting of a film. He was impressed by her skills as a rapper and asked her to join his newly formed group, the Outlawz. Storm was the first and only female to ever become a member of the Outlawz.

On February 13th 1996, Tupac's double LP, All Eyez On Me, was released. It was the first double disc in hip-hop history and was certified nine times platinum. Storm guest appeared on three songs: "Tradin'' War Stories," "Thug Passion" and "Run Tha Streetz."

On "Tradin War Stories" she rhymes, "Now look at me, straight Outlaw Immortal, never gave a fuck ''cause I was nobody's daughter, Outlaw from my tits to my clit, don''t try to figure ''cause the murderous tendencies of my mind can''t be controlled nigga, so who's the bigger? Who's the quickest killer and would you try to trip with my finger on the nine milla?"

On September 7th 1996, Tupac was shot four times in a drive-by-shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was taken to University Medical Center, where he died a week later.

The death of her mentor turned her life into a chaos, but she still remained strong as she was determined to carry on Tupac's torch. She appeared on the soundtracks for Tupac's films, Gridlock''d and Gang Related. She also guest appeared alongside the rest of the Outlawz on albums such as C-BO's Til'' My Casket Drops, Heltah Skeltah's Magnum Force and Rondo's Success Before Death.

Storm was never really much of an active member of the Outlawz and as time went by she decided to leave the group. Her last appearance with the Outlawz was on their 1999 debut LP, Still I Rise. Storm is featured on a lot of Tupac's unreleased and yet to be released material.

Storm guest appeares on the original versions of "Let ''Em Have It" and "U Don''t Have 2 Worry" from Tupac's posthumous release Until The End Of Time as well as on "Never B Peace" and "Whatcha Gonna Do?" from Better Dayz. Unfortunately, she was edited out of the remixed and released versions.

Storm quit rapping, turned her life around, got married and gave birth to two children. When speaking to a web site she said she will eventually make a come back when the time is right. You can get an appetizer from her new material on the soundtrack for Thug Angel: Life Of An Outlaw, which features the Tupac dedication "Pain" by Storm.

Storm was brought into the Outlawz by Tupac. He had heard her on a demo and liked her ''raw'' style.



On the cd THUG ANGEL, tracks 8,9, & 10 are with Storm. Track 9 in a joint called ‘PAIN’ by Storm. It is a great joint. Tracks 8 & 10 are an interview with Storm.

Since there are not many interviews with her I transcribed these tracks as close as I could.

Storm is truly a souljah and I have much luv for her. There is also a pic of Storm in the lil booklet that comes with the cd, so if ya want to see what she looks like, pick up the cd. Her tattoo is on the back cover also.



They call me Storm from the day I was born. Female Outlaw; Operating Under Thug Laws As Warriors.

“Working with Pac in the studio was crazy. It was just like, just unpredictable. Everyday it was just something serious we learnt for that day or it was something crazy that Pac did just made us laugh, ya know?

We just like have fun in the studio, but also it was like a classroom, ya know what I’m saying. Like it was, was like, you can compare it to one of the hardest classes that you have ever taken in your life, ya know, but it wasn’t. You didn’t go to that classroom and go Oh here we go again, I’m going to this class – you wanted to be there. You got there early; ya know what I’m saying, cause ya wanted to be there. You wanted to know what the next lesson was for the day.

Ya know what – Pac was very demanding in the studio. When he went into the studio, he went into the studio to work.

Ya know we had fun here and there when, ya know when other things were being done that didn’t apply to us: but when it was our turn to do what we were suppose to do  - he expected us to step up to the plate and do what we had to do. Ya know he didn’t like no 2 or 3 takes in the booth. He wanted us to – You wrote that you go in there and you spit that. and you get out. Ya know what I’m saying? If you wrote that and you went in there and stumbled over it, I mean why did you write that? You’re not saying it right, your not feeling it obviously cause you keep messin up. So you got to go; you got ta get out – until the next song – and that’s how it was.

It wasn’t that easy to keep up with him, as far as that cause he was just un-stoppable. Like 4 songs – that was a normal day.

Well actually Makaveli was um a three-day theory ya know. He had finished it in 3 days, but there was just so much music around him and so many people, ya know. Every time he’s walk into the studio he would hear a different beat, ya know what I’m saying, that he wanted to write to, that he was like – Oh shit, this shit is tight. He just kept writing and writing cause he had so much to say. So he had to literally say one day that I’m closing the door. I’m not listening to no more music. Don’t bring me no more music – PLEASE; ya know, cause I just have to turn this album in. And that’s how basically it became a 7 Day Theory.

I didn’t think nobody would hate Pac enough to take his life like that. I really do feel that he felt it especially towards the end. Ya know, the way he was driving us. Beating into our heads the fact that we have to stand up more as individual artists. Who’s going ya – who’s going do this when I’m – if I’m not here?

As far as the people that, ya know; have all these theories ya know, all the hope for Pac to be alive – I can’t be mad at them. Because it’s like they’re trying to hold on. I’m holding on right now to his memories, because I know he’s no longer of this earth.

I was there in the hospital with him for the whole time, ya know. I had a chance; thanks to Afeni, to go in and talk to him for the last time. And to tell him that I love him and to say good-bye.

Ya know, he was our General, and after he passed I was lost. And I’m not ashamed to say it; I was lost. Ya know I felt like – like my whole world was just gone.

I felt like the one person that believed in this dream that I had all my life was gone and it was hard for a long time.

It breaks here for a track called ‘Pain’. It is by Storm and you can really feel her ‘pain’ in this joint. If you don’t have this cd – ‘Thug Angel’, I recommend you get it.

I had great hope, I never doubted or came to the conclusion that – that he was not gonna be there with me any more. That never entered my mind.

Everyday that I went up there, ya know – it was I’m gonna see him wake up, we gonna write all these songs together and we are gonna continue on with the mission.

I never in a million years expected to go back to the hospital and find out that he was not there.

Well the tattoo that I have of Pac, I got right after Pac passed. It’s a cross with um; his face in the middle, and it has the words ‘Thug Angel’.

The words thug angel just came to me, it fit. I felt that it fit him perfectly/ Ya know, because to me he is no longer here, but I feel he will always be there for me.

He always told me that whenever I needed him, he was gonna be there for me.

I feel that he’s always gonna be there for me spiritually. Which means he’s always gonna be my THUG ANGEL.

(Words by Storm off the Thug Angel cd.)


Tupac's Outlawz posse files $4.5 million suit against Death Row, Interscope

The Outlawz have filed a $4.5 million lawsuit against Death Row Records, the label's incarcerated chief Marion "Suge" Knight, Death Row's distributor Interscope Records, Suge Knight Films and Suge Publishing. Filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the suit cites eleven complaints, including breach of contract, unfair business practices, intentional interference with prospective economic advantages and racketeering, just to name a few.

The dispute centers around the Outlawz'' album, Still I Rise, recorded with the late Tupac Shakur, which was released by Death Row in December of 1999. According to the law firm representing the Outlawz, "Death Row and Knight have falsely asserted to third parties that the Outlawz remain obligated under the Recording Agreement [to Death Row]." The Outlawz claim that their contract with Death Row was null and void as of May of 1999, seven months prior to the album's actual release.

Representatives for the Outlawz also maintain that Death Row and Knight instructed Interscope not to include the Outlawz in any promotion for Still I Rise. In addition to the album dispute, the Outlawz also allege that they received no compensation for their unauthorized appearance in Death Row Uncut, a video produced by Suge Knight Films.

In February, attorneys for the Outlawz sent a cease and desist letter to Death Row and Interscope, asking them to stop promoting the group as part of the Death Row roster.

Neither Death Row nor Interscope were available for comment.

(April 6, 2000)


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