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Reviews Twista - The Day After - Hip-Hop Rap Album Review
Twista - The Day After - Hip-Hop Rap Album Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gza Genius ID2145   
Sunday, 27 November 2005 07:19

After the success of his previous albums, hip-hop artist Twista returns with yet another one to add to his resume. ‘The Day After’ consists of 15 solid tracks from beginning to end, which showcase the Chicago rap native's trademark fast aggressive flow.

You won''t be disappointed if your a long time fan of Twista, or even a newcomer to his music. If rap were to be separated into two categories; rappers who possess true skill, and rappers who make a name on a catchy hook or phrase, u won''t see Twist on that second list ever.

Twista represents a true hip-hop MC who came in the game with a serious lyrical talent, and has had the success of any major commercial rapper around, yet he never had to rely on just making a catchy hook to get attention.

Any rap fan would know that Twista has a very special skill, and not many, if any, can do what Twista can do with a Mic.

The day after is a great representation of what Twista brings to the rap game, and shouldn''t be slept on by any rap fan.

Album Rating - 8/10


A great intro, bringing drama and questions as to what’s to come on the album. The music kicks in and Twista begins to give the listener a taste of what a true lyricist is about.


This beat is a great platform for Twista's style. You can tell just by the beat that your about to be taken for a ride, and Twista doesn''t disappoint. He kicks it off immediately with an onslaught of lyrics that if you’re not paying attention, will go right over your head. Take a closer listen and u will find out exactly what the title of the track, Check that H** is all about.


A great track to just sit back and think about life while it's playing in the background. Johnny P does a great job and make's this track very easy to listen to. Twista's style really shine's on these beats, where he can control his tempo and key perfectly with the music.


This is a pretty good track, it's got an abstract sound to it which keeps Twista's flow a little slower than usual, but a good listen.


I''m glad he chose to name this track Lavish, because that make's explaining the track much easier. Just picture what you think lavish would sound like, and you will hear this track. A beat with a nice string and piano base make's for a very calm and relaxing sound. Pharrell joins Twista on this track, and they both collaborate very well to create a very lavish track.


Girl Tonite is Twista's most known track from this album, being that it's the single that got major air play on both radio, and TV. Nowadays rappers choose a single that will appeal to the female audience, and that is exactly what this track is about. With the hook from Trey Songz, and Twista calming his lyrics down, this track is very appealing to the mass's. It's a very good single for the radio, and to help get fans that it would be hard to get without TV and Radio.


Female hip-hop artist Lil Kim feature's on the track, and she take's a good part of the spotlight on the track. Kim and Twista do a really good job of mixing there style's to create a very smooth and classy song.


In contrast to track 6, this track shows Twista's darker side. He talks about the harsh vision's of reality, and asks the question.....are u still alive?


I love this beat; this is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Immediately it has the vibe of a mid to late 90's track, and Twista come's just as raw and smooth as ever. This track cuts into a Screwed verse; slowing the vocals down and the beat to match, showcasing that Houston Texas flavor where chopped and screwed music originated.


This is my second favorite track. It's got a old school R&B type sound which I love, and Twista unleashes his vocals along side Pharrell, and Jamie Foxx who lace's the hook. If you love that smooth player type music, then you will love this track.


This could be another good single to appeal to a variety of audience's. Mariah Carey puts down a nice soft hook, and Twista keeps his style to fit that commercial style of music with a single in mind.


This is my favorite track on the album. Sleepy Eyed Jones's give's a great sound to the track, and of course Snoop take's the spotlight with his verse. But my favorite part of the song is the beat; it's very unique and has the west coast vibe that nothing else compares to. Just sit back in the sun and let yourself be taken to where the music take's you.


Right away you know this track has something to do with the south, and I was right. Juvenile kicks it off with his trademark sound, and then the Speedknot Mobstaz take over and do there thing. The beat has the South all over it, and Juvy does a great job on the hook as well. If you enjoy the Southern sound, then there's no way you won''t enjoy this track.


I love the sample they used for the hook. It's a really catchy sound these days to use a sample and speed up the vocals like Kanye west came on the scene with. I usually just think, "oh ok, another sample like that." But this one sounds great and isn''t overdone at all. Another great track to keep with the general sound of the album.


This is the only track I didn''t like on the album. The beat is just annoying and doesn''t do anything for me. I guess it's an acquired sound you either like or don''t.

Reviews Twista - The Day After - Hip-Hop Rap Album Review

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