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Rap & Hip-Hop Artists Code Red Refreshes Hip-Hop with All Aboard
Code Red Refreshes Hip-Hop with All Aboard PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID2230   
Thursday, 29 December 2005 04:58

The independent artist pool is so deep and mostly overlooked, but here is group of hip-hop rap MC’s who are doing it right.

The hip-hop group out of Louisville Kentucky Code Red has the motto “Not Confined, Not Defined”, so maybe I should not ‘define’ them as a hip-hop group, rappers or as rap artists, but I can surely define them as one of the freshest sounds I have had the pleasure to hear lately.

We receive a lot of music; a lot of it is from those who claim to be ‘the big thing on the hip-hop scene.’

Code Red didn’t come saying they were the ‘next big thing’; they let their music do their ‘talking’ for them, and if they are not the next big thing - they definitely will let their presences be known.

The debut album from Code Red is called ‘All Aboard’ and is set to drop in January on Label X, Toucan Cove, Madacy Entertainment.

A unique blend of beats and genres makes Code Red worth a closer look. Blending old school with new school with a touch of Reggae, they are unique individuals who, as a group, interact well and their music is sure to be embraced.

The group is made up of four members. A very creative rap MC El One Wise, a Jamaican Reggae artist Junior Dread, lyricist Manfred and producer Watz.

The state of Kentucky is not known for its large pool of hip-hop and rap artists. When I think of Kentucky I have many beautiful memories, as I use to live there; but the hip-hop scene was not one of the big memories I have of Kentucky: until now.

If not for the ‘air play schedules’ of radio stations who ‘drill’ certain tracks and names into our heads, even if the music falls short of real hip-hop - so we think a certain artist is the ‘cream of the crop’, Code Red could be and is a real contender for major hip-hop play and positioning. The freshness of the sound and the diverse make up of the group is pure hip-hop.

They have ‘warmed’ the stage for major hip-hop and rap artists like 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, T.I., Wyclef Jean, Nappy Roots, Mystical, Trey Songz, Marques Houston, and many more.

It is time to look beyond the ‘majors’ to get that true hip-hop and rap gratification back into the music, and Code Red can deliver.

This album shows that there is an immense pool of music out there by many talented artists and we do not have to be on the ‘limited diet’ that the majors can afford to saturate us with and make us believe that is what we want.

Code Red’s CD ‘All Aboard’ is the pure fulfillment of what the music industry has been lacking lately - talent.

The beats and production do not ‘carry’ the artists, they compliment the artists and that is great hip-hop. The production was handled by Watz producing and Todd Smith co-producing.

This CD has it all. There are club tracks, serious insightful tracks, laid back tracks and it is all backed up with steady tight production.

The first track – ‘All Aboard’ sets the mood for the album. Right from the beginning you know you are in for a different ‘ride’ with this CD. This is the best track to start this CD off. Grabs your interest and makes you want to ‘Get Aboard’ just to see what else these artists can deliver; and they do not disappoint. !0/10

The second track ‘For My People’ continues the listening experience with a great beat and a lyrical flow that shows just what kind of artists your listening to. Stand outs all. 9/10

Track three breaks out with the club banger ‘Elbow Room’. Enough said 9/10

Track 4 is ‘Drive By’ – great beat and the addition of a flute in hip-hop is really a great touch. 7/10

Track 5 is ‘Looking Good’. – 7/10

Track 6 – ‘Summer Jam’. Just a kicking track. Makes you feel good and makes you bop your head. 8/10

Track 7 – ‘Brother Louis’. Intellectual hip-hop feel. Lyrical flow grabs your mind and takes you beyond the beat. Like the ‘feel’ of this one. 9/10

Track 8 – ‘Atomic’. The mixture of the talent is evident on this track. Comes across very well. 8/10

Track 9 – ‘Pimp It Out’. This track makes you wonder why you haven’t heard these guys on the radio. Fresh unique and crisp. 8/10

Track 10 – ‘Long Time Coming’. Lyrical genius describes this track. The production compliments the flow so well that it is not over powered by beats but it all just flows. A good track to sit back and enjoy any recreational activity you like. 9/10

Track 11 – ‘Give Me a Reason’. A military based track with great insight. Spitting truth in the lyrics, a great track to just sit back and absorb. 9/10

Track 12 – ‘Sky is Falling’. This could be a club banger. Great beat and lyrical flow is tops. 9/10

Track 13 – ‘Let Yo Hair Down’. This is a great track. You don’t want to move on this one your dead. The beat grabs ya and the ‘party’ feel is great for a club banger. Lyrical flow is still overwhelming. 9/10

Track 14 – ‘Party to the Edge’. Still banging, this track is one of the weaker tracks on the CD. Don’t get that twisted, it is still a banger but doesn’t move ya like the others. A little to much repetition.  7/10

Total album rating is 9/10

All in all this is a great CD. I was feeling the entire CD and was a little disappointed when it was over. The track ‘All Aboard’ is the best track on the album; if I had to pick one. That track shows how different a group Code Red is and how much talent there is among them.

I am glad I received this CD and have the chance to review and listen to it.

For more on Code Red visit their web site at - http://www.coderedmusic.net  and don’t miss out on this album. Due in January on Label X, Toucan Cove, Madacy Entertainment.

Remember real supports real and Code Red is the real deal. If you can’t support the real then you have no right to complain about what the majors are force feeding you.

Rap & Hip-Hop Artists Code Red Refreshes Hip-Hop with All Aboard

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