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Rap & Hip-Hop Artists Bunzi D In the Forefront of UK Hip-Hop Rap Scene
Bunzi D In the Forefront of UK Hip-Hop Rap Scene PDF Print E-mail
Written by John ID2660   
Friday, 26 May 2006 07:20

The UK rap scene and the hip-hop culture is on the rise. Getting away from the media played music of hip-hop and rap artists such as Dizzee Rascal, the UK is taking on a new form of representing street life and representing what hip-hop is all about. There is one man at the forefront of this movement and he goes by the name of Bunzi D. 

Former frontman for the hip-hop group “The Ends”, Bunzi D has gone his separate way in the music scene and is producing music that is not only getting the streets talking but also the media too. For the last 18 months Bunzi D has been recording a vault of tracks which he plans to release this year.

Recently one of the tunez that Bunzi D has graced us with is a track called “Just a beat”. The track which was produced by Rawheed (Kano, Sheisty), is sure to become as much of an underground hip-hop anthem as ‘Are You Really from The Endz?’ which exploded Bunzi D onto the UK rap scene. With minimal instrumentation, but a slamming and mesmerizing rhythm, Bunzi delivers an extraordinary flow containing conscious lyrics that leave the listener hypnotized by the end of the song. 

If this track is just a taster of what is in store from this rapper then 2006 is going to be a big year. He is a talented and articulated MC with his own record label and a family to look after. For this reason I took a recent trip to the capital city of the UK to catch up with this rap artist and get an insight into what he is all about.

Sup Bunzi D, firstly would like to say thanks for taking the time to speak to ThugLifeArmy.com Network, it’s very much appreciated.

John - Stateside you may not be that well known, can you tell the peeps a little about the man behind Bunzi D?

Bunzi D - Sometimes loud but also very silent at times 2....I enjoy spending time wit my daughter n family, making music n reading, I also like 2 play sports as well.

John - Are you signed to a record label at the moment, or are you still in the market?

Bunzi D - No I’m not signed but I am putting music out through my own label called Tmoni ents which I named after my daughter - Tiana-monique.

John - Rumor has it that a game company is interested in using some of your music, how did this come about and can you tell us what the project involves?

Bunzi D – It’s a game that I have put my vocals 2 which I have a character in, gamers will also b able 2 doctor my lyrics as they progress through the game... cant explain 2 much due 2 legal reasons but I can say that this game is gonna change the way we can sell music 2 a wider audience.

John - You worked with Stock on the track Culture Shock. That must have been a great experience. How did you two hook up and are there any plans to collaborate in the future?

Bunzi D - Yeah! The experience was great!! Stock and myself got on well from the jump off so that was cool, the fact that we both got kids was also another common ground we share aside from music. we hooked up thru Konkrete Productions in London who were producing songs 4 both stocks n my own projects, so they (Konkrete) played me culture shock last which I liked n stock had heard my stuff 2 so we agreed 2 get some stuff done and the rest is history.

John - What other artists have you been working with recently?

Bunzi D - I have been working with Mikey J of Rawheed Ents, he's 1 of the best producers/ artists/ in the game! I also worked wit Hitman Hypa from nasty crew, charms from StreetPpolitiks, Sherissa Stewart, and Sam Roman.

John - When can we expect to see a release of your music, any plans to be dropping an album?

Bunzi D - I have loads of material but still not certain of what 2 drop on the album so I’m putting bits out there 2 see what tickles peoples fancy, I do have a few bits out there but those feature on other artist albums but mine will soon be coming!

John - What music are you listening to at the moment?

Bunzi D - Kanye, Busta, Hove, Dipset, Sway, Kano, Plan B, Sam Roman, Papoose, Saigon, TY, Roots Manuva, T.I, Tahiti 80, MJ... I could go on 4 yrs.

John - Are there any artists that are inspiring yourself at the moment and any that you would like to work with?

Bunzi D - Would love 2 work with Quincy Jones because he got so much knowledge on how 2 crack the game, remain relevant, and 2 grow which I think is most valuable! As 4 artists that inspired me?? I would have 2 say Biggie, MJ, Prince, Tupac (2Pac), and a group called Silver Bullet.

John - What can we expect from Bunzi D in the near future?

Bunzi D - My new mixtape is being put together and is not far off completion, I’m also planning on putting out an album just 4 the underground, not like a mixtape but a proper album 4 the roads that can be purchased in all urban culture outlets. Loads more in the pipeline but I will keep u posted on that!!

John - Do you think UK hip-hop is going in the right direction or do you think it should be more of a carbon copy of the US scene?

Bunzi D - I think that UK hip-hop is generally better than in the USA! I have noticed 4 more than 10 yrs UK street music has been slowly incorporated into American hip-hop and it’s a shame that UK labels are only now starting 2 pay attention 2 UK hip-hop now that they are realizing that America is liking what we do, so I don’t think we should try 2 copy them because they are expressing themselves from an angle they grew from and I’m doing the same but from my angle.

John - Are there any producers at the minute that you would like to work with and why?

Bunzi D – Dr. Dre, Premier, Alchemist, Swiss Beatz, Kanye, Timbaland, Scott Storch. Simply beacuse they all understand how 2 make well polished music.

John - If you were not blessed to be in the music business, what do you see yourself doing now instead?

Bunzi D - I would like 2 say in a big fat mansion counting money n chilling wit my family but I really haven’t thought about it!!

John - Do you have any advice for people who want to get in the game of rapping?

Bunzi D - Be yourself is the most valuable advice, make sure you read beacuse reading increases your vocabulary, and last don’t b afraid 2 be different.

John - Any shout outs or hollas etc?

Bunzi D - 1st and foremost shout 2 my daughter and all my family, Rawheed Ents, Konkrete Productions, Stock ,Street Politiks, Sam Roman, DJ Fidgit, Damian @ Maharishi, and everyone who helped me through the hard times. Peace

More information can be found on Bunzi D’s Myspace where you can also get a sample of the music that he is producing: http://www.myspace.com/wwwmyspacecomrureallyfromdaendz

John and ThugLifeArmy would like to thank Bunzi D for his time.

*Interviewed for www.ThugLifeArmy.com Network by UK Staff Member John.

John can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rap & Hip-Hop Artists Bunzi D In the Forefront of UK Hip-Hop Rap Scene

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