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News Davey D Interviews Method Man on Hip-Hop
Davey D Interviews Method Man on Hip-Hop PDF Print E-mail
Written by Davey D ID2787   
Wednesday, 28 June 2006 07:11

Method Man–Vilified By the Press-Loved By the People By Davey D

Method Man rolled through the REHAB Project here in LA the other day and sat down with DJ Hopper and myself and to let us know what’s going on with him and his upcoming projects. For those who don’t know, REHAB is an incredible record store/ dj school that’s a fixture in LA’s Hip Hop scene.

Just so you know, here’s the official run down on REHAB… REHAB stands for Real Experiences in Hip-hop and Beats. Like other “rehabs”, we too serve as an “institution” and a place of “growth, development, and re-invention”. We see the need to provide our culture with a commonplace for creative outlet and collaboration and we feel as though our community and our music is based on the idea of constant re-creation and re-establishment. One might say: Hip Hop is in a state of REHAB.

With all that being said, here’s the low down on what’s up with Meth. Hopper started things off by asking if Method Man ever involved himself with the other elements associated with Hip Hop Culture. He said that he had dabbled in all and that he still saw himself as a graf writer. He went on to talk about how he uses tried and true graf techniques when signing autographs.

Meth continued on by talking about is upcoming projects in particular his new song ‘Say’ which features Lauryn Hill. He insisted on clearing the air and living up to a promise he made to Lauryn and her husband about the background behind that song. He noted that what we’re hearing is actually a sample. Lauryn did not go into the booth and sing with Meth. He said it was important that the public no that so as to not be misled.

Method Man also talked about the excitement he’s been feeling with this new project because he really got a chance to sit down and work more closely with producers RZA and Erick Sermon. He said that in the past there have been some harsh criticisms levied at him because the production was lacking. Such is not the case anymore.

Meth talked about how on his last projects he was on the road touring and hence did not really get a chance to be in the studio completely focused on the album, the way that he has been on this album.

Meth then expressed a lot of the anger he was feeling toward the Hip Hop press, in particular magazines. He spoke candidly how a lot of writers have gone out of their way to try and make a name for themselves by trashing not only his albums, but other people’s projects. He noted that for a period of time he started to believe what was written and soon discovered that what was written was in sharp contrast to what he was hearing and seeing on the streets.

He went on to talk about writers abusing their power to influence the masses and that far too many projects which have the potential to grow and add to Hip Hop’s collective offerings have been stymied or outright killed by writers who have not expanded their own horizons.

Method man concluded by noting that a lot of artists need to take on some responsibility because they have given too much power and control to the press and that they need to bypass them and go directly to the people or at least make sure the connection between artists and fans are stronger. He laughed at the writing styles many journalist employ where they write two or three paragraph analyzing the artists before they offer up to the public the vision and perspective of the artist. He said a disclaimer needs to be issued so the public knows what’s really going on because a lot of journalists are “NOT THE TRUTH.

Meth talked about the State of Hip Hop and noted that it’s really not bad. What’s going on is that there are a few bad seeds that get all the media attention and airplay and that it’s up to the public to highlight the good and reject that which is negative and ruining Hip Hop. He emphatically stated that we need to stop complaining.

We also talked about the current state of Hip Hop in New York and why people are complaining about a drought. He said that a lot of industry cats are on the take and do everything from charging young cats to get on mix tapes to actually pressuring them to sign and be under their umbrella why these cats make a name for themselves. He says the doors need to be opened up so that up and coming cats can get a fair chance to get on…

Lastly we talked about the ODB Tribute Tour and how it was a good experience that brought the Wu-Tang Clan together. He said a lot of emotions and pent up feelings were revealed and that everyone is in a better place.

Meth concluded by saying that he’s motivated by the hate he has been shown by writers and the love he’s gotten from the people. He also said that his Bush is Better than George’s and that we should impeach the president.

Listen to the Davey D interview with Meth below.


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News Davey D Interviews Method Man on Hip-Hop

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