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News Thieves in the Temple Of Hip Hop - Bamboozled Again
Thieves in the Temple Of Hip Hop - Bamboozled Again PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paradise Gray ID3470   
Wednesday, 21 March 2007 07:33

When my phone started blowing up with calls from New York a few weeks ago, I started praying that no one had died. Instead, I learned that MC Serch (Of VH1's "White Rapper Show and the rap group "3rd Bass") was on Hot 97 doing an interview with Funkmaster Flex while promoting the season finale of the "White Rapper" show, talking mad reckless about me.

I am not insulted by Serch's personal references to me, I am proud that I was able to grow from a 22 year old Hip-hop Promoter at The Latin Quarters with Jerri Curls and Hazel contact lenses (20 Years ago) into a strong Black Man, father of a College freshman with a 4.0 average and a High School senior with good grades. However, there are those from The Blackwatch Movement, The Universal Zulu Nation, One HOOD, The Hip-hop Ressurection Movement and many individuals who did not think that what Serch had to say was so funny. I know that he is an entertainer but not every Black man is running around with a Clock on his chest to know what time it is.

I am very offended that Serch chose to say "Paradise, AKA Professor, Chief Bubba Professor X-Clown from the X-Clan" when Serch of all people knows well the difference between me and Professor X. March is not only the month that we lost The Notorious B.I.G. March 17th is the first Anniversary of the passing of Lumumba "Professor X" Carson. Personal reasons aside, where would you be without Professor X and I Serch? Professor X was the person who invited "Pete Nice" to The Latin Quarter (where Serch met him and formed 3rd Bass).

He is the same Lumumba "Professor X" Carson who visited Tony D in Coney Island with me and arranged for MC Serch to be released from an unfair contract that he was signed to. Lumumba "Professor X" Carson was also able to see through the Curls and contacts and see my true potential, he introduced me to his father Sonny Carson, with an idea that I could use Hip-hop music and culture to bring young Black people into the movement and struggle with the same promotion/media skills that I used to fill the Latin Quarters every week. I think that Serch must have gotten a little too comfortable with himself to think that making a joke of Professor X or The X-Clan would go un-checked even after all these years.

In his new cd's "M.Y.L.A." Liner Notes and his Myspace blog Serch speaks of an incident with Russel Simmons that offended him:

"5 years of loyalty and he returned the love by letting me know in a magazine that I was being dropped.  That was not fresh….not by a long shot". - MC Serch

Does Serch think that it was "fresh" when he asked the young people that listen to Hot 97 in New York to pull out a pen and paper so that he could teach them the Hip-hop history of what Funk Master Flex described as a Legendary Hip-hop Club and then proceed to waste the opportunity to teach and instead turn it into a giggle session. Funny how Serch totally diverted from what Flex was trying to do, clown him about dancing off-beat on stage at the Latin Quarter (L.Q). to "Do The James" while the crowd laughed and cheered "Go White Boy, Go White Boy". That's how most people remember him from those days. Fast forward 20 years later and I''m the joke and Serch is the Hip-hop legend?

An unspoken truth is worst than a thousand lies! The Latin Quarter is one of the main reasons that the late 80's is called "The Golden Era Of Hip-hop". (And yes Funkmaster Flex I do have plenty of pictures from The Latin Quarters).

Here's some advice Serch If you are to re-make yourself into a "Teacher" and not a "Culture Vulture" you must teach about the things that you appropriate, you use the term "Lift Every Voice and....SAY "  to inspire and educate "White MC's" in your Blog: Lift Every Voice and....SAY

However, it is a great insult that you do not credit the "Black National Anthem (Lift Every Voice And Sing)" as the source of the words words:

Just take what you want and give no credits, huh?I also did not appreciate hearing you refer to Fab 5 Freddy as "the Bubble Eyed Dude" no matter what your relationship with Freddy is, that statement is RACIST in nature. Hard to believe that you were in the movie "Bamboozled" and didn''t know that!

But I understand, that's en-ter-tain-ment! Whatever it takes to promote the finale of your show Serch, kind of reminds me of how K.K.Kramer went off and then appologized saying that he wasn''t a racist and didn''t know what came over him, right in time to promote the release of the latest Seinfeld DVD. KKKramer was wrong, it doesn''t shock me to see what's buried beneath. 500 years of oppression kind of takes the shock element away. 50 years ago men like KKKramer would have had Serch hanging upside-down in a tree right next to me with a fork up his butt too, 20 years ago Serch would have been right with me, I wonder what happened?

please click here to see video:

Contrary to popular belief that racism amoung young white people in America is a thing of the past, have a clear look at what's buried beneath:

Outrage Over Texas College

MLK Day Party

Another Celebration Of Black Culture

Klan group rallies in support of racist partiers

Halloween for White People???

Peace to you Serch, I hope that the publicity that you gained for your show was worth it.

Paradise Gray
Grand Arkitech Of The BlackWatch Movement/ X-Clan
Minister Of Arts And Sciences Millions More Movement
NHHPC Pittsburgh LOC
Hiphop Intel
Hip-hop Resurrection Movement
Universal Federation For The Preservation Of Hip-hop Culture
One Hood

News Thieves in the Temple Of Hip Hop - Bamboozled Again

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