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Industry Updates An Open Letter from Conscious Hip Hop Figure Sista Kiilu
An Open Letter from Conscious Hip Hop Figure Sista Kiilu PDF Print E-mail
Written by Davey D ID3557   
Tuesday, 10 April 2007 02:52

With all the hoopla about Don Imus and his morning show and the circus that has occurred around him going on the Al Sharpton Show, one important facet was left out of the equation. Taking time out to make sure the victims of this ignorance and male postering were tended to, encouraged and steps put forth to help them heal. Thank God for former Black Panther Sister Kiilu. As she has so often done, she speaks truth to power and hits the nail right on the head in the most compassionate and uncompromising manner possible.

For those who are unfamiliar, Sista Kiilu is the cornerstone for conscious Hip Hop here on the West coast. She was one of those elders who never ran away and turned her nose up to Hip Hop when people were starting out. Instead of lambasting it, she took a ''who's who'' of artists and activist under her wings and continued in the tradition of the Black Panthers by giving many folks serious political and social education.

Before there were groups like Public Enemy, it was through Kiilu that many of us learned about political prisoners and the plight of prisoners like Mumia Abu Jamal. She's the one that would write to everyone behind the walls and encourage us to follow suit. We learned about the true story of Assata Shakur through Kiilu. She's the one that always laced us with game about the legacy and the enormous sacrifices of many of the freedom fighters who came before us who have been written out of the history books. Most importantly, she has been a constant reminder to all of us about that one person can make a difference and that the struggle continues.

Folks like Paris, Boots of the Coup, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, writer Adisa Banjoko and Michael Franti are just a few of the many who came up under Kiilu who soaked up and continue to soak up her insight and wisdom. You also hear her sampled a number of albums most notably Paris'' Sonic Jihad and Franti's 'stay Human''.

In any case thank God for Sista Kiilu who once again reminds us what's really important. In this case its not Don Imus or the Al Sharpton radio show. It's those sisters who fought real hard to accomplish a goal only to get insulted by some rich alcoholic asshole who was given access to the public airwaves.

Davey D

APRIL 8, 2007


Several days ago, you were grossly insulted and demeaned by mainstream-media sexist, racist white men who referred to you as “hard core hos, nappy-headed hos, jigaboos and wannabees." These are deeply hurtful, hateful remarks. Yet these creeps felt no qualms whatsoever in making them.

It should be noted that the host who called you whores is a member of the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame and one of the nation's best-known radio voices, infamous for his “politically incorrect verbal broadsides.” His program is syndicated to millions of listeners at more than 70 stations around the country.

There are more than enough folks calling for the s.o.b. to be fired. So I won’t even go there, because my reaction was he should be missing a few front teeth. Moreover, it’s unlikely that he’ll get anything but more free publicity which always translates into more money in capitalist America.

I want to counter those vicious verbal attacks by letting you know how proud I am of you, and giving you a bit of advice.

I can imagine how hard you have worked to even get into a prestigious university like Rutgers. And I’m quite sure it was no piece of cake to make it all the way to the national basketball finals. Clear indication of a high level of physical and intellectual development.

I look at you and recall my own school athletic experiences. I’m closing in on 70 years old. So I hale from the bad ol’ days when active participation in sports labeled you a “tom boy.” Check it. A tom and a boy!

Thanks to Title Nine establishing gender equity in funding for women’s physical education, athletics, and training, women have made great strides and gains in all kinds of sports. Moreover, it’s been noted that since the advent of Title Nine, statistics show that women are less prone to being victims of battery, drug and alcohol addiction, etc.

You are our shining stars for all the world to see. But with the green light to insult Blacks and gays coming from Washington and its mouthpiece, mainstream media, I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you that things are likely to get even worse. Especially, if (or should I say when?) these racist creeps get away with this most blatant disparagement of young Black women.

So my advice is simple. Learn how to really defend yourselves. You are already superb athletes, and that athleticism will translate readily into the martial arts. Of course, from my own early experience, you will find real opposition to this idea from some of your own male associates. Chauvinist men don’t cotton to intelligent, athletic sisters even when their chosen sports are relatively benign. When they think you might be able to kick their butts, they will wax aggressive well before you’re capable of sparring. So beware.

Hopefully, you will find some Black men who are ready and willing to stand up and defend you, as well as encourage you to learn self-defense.

This discipline not only gives you martial skills, it builds self confidence and promotes good health.

My last bit of advice relates to the need for Black women to stand up and be counted in our collective struggle for equal rights, human rights, self-determination and dignity.

We come from a long line of brave and beautiful Black women who were resisters, who fought courageously against slavery, exploitation, and injustice, who stood up.

Join them! And continue to make us proud.

Sisterhood is powerful!

Yours truly,

Kiilu Nyasha

Industry Updates An Open Letter from Conscious Hip Hop Figure Sista Kiilu

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