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Editorials Attack on Hip-Hop Rap Battles
Attack on Hip-Hop Rap Battles PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Colin ID2337   
Sunday, 12 February 2006 23:59

Why is the Jay-Z Nas "Peace" Move being used to attack Hip-Hop Rap Battles? – By Gary Colin


Am I the only one noticing it?

When Will and Jada Smith hosted the BET awards show, they went out their way to advise "blacks" not to act "black". No shout outs, no "crews", up on stage, no thanking God for songs that some view as opposing Biblical beliefs and/or moral standards.

Then there was the Janet Jackson "malfunction" incident where Justin Tim walked away scot free. After that incident you saw "sexy" entertainers such as Christina App voice their concern over "censorship", and began changing from "sexy" outfits to a more "classy" look.

We went from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and early 90's where people like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, the Beatles, Madonna, NWA, and even Michael Jackson expressed themselves with out fear of "Big Brother".

Now all of a sudden, there is this "Bullying" "tone it down or we''ll tone you down" Powers That Be movement going on.

Let's be honest. It's a known fact that the Powers That Be had John Lennon on their "watch list". Ironically, as John got over his drug addiction (which is rumored to have been agitation by Big Brother), and began to record again, he was mysteriously shot to death. Where was John's body guard when this event took place?

The truth is, violence and immorality happen every day to people world wide. Soooooooooooooooooooo why blame Rap music? Has anyone every really went after Aronold for his violent movies, or after any of those "mob", mafia movies?

Maybe it's just me. But it just seems to me that whenever people of color find away to make money, that they often get shut down and/or attacked.

These attacks are often by other people of color who want to please "the Man". Those types of people of color do not know "black" history, nor do they understand the Bible. These types of people are still allied to a European interpretation of God and the Holy Scriptures. This is the real reason why they hate themselves and other people of color.

Now what's this got to do with Jay-Z and Nas?

They are two great lyricists and icons in Hip Hop/Rap culture.

But no one has the right to attack Rap Battling. It is given to us from the "gods" in our African culture. Rhyme Battling will exist long after modern emcess have went to their graves.

People still play the Tupac (2Pac) dis songs. In fact, people still play Kool Moe taking out Starski.

So if Jay or Nas want to shy away from battling, that's their business. It's their own personal choice.

The truth is, "Blackness" and Black Business is being "shut down" by non-blacks who happen to be the most animalistic and immoral people on the planet.

It's a shame, but people of color, who were once mal treated slaves in this country still look to the "Masta" for direction.

Modern day entertainers are too scared to lose fame and fortune by expressing themselves. Hip-hop rapper Kanye West is the only person to stand up and say how he feels about Imperialism (I''m calling it what it is. America used to chastise Great Britian for Imperialism. My how things have changed).

Bono used to be Self Expressed before he became a billionaire. Now he is just an "model" for such courage. Bono quickly bribed Kanye, when Kanye called out Bono and U2 for not speaking out when world conditions w ere against people of color.

But the "Masta" made his point by voting U2 over Kanye West at the Grammy Awards.

It will never change. Big Brother is planning on locking things down in the US. Entertainers are scared to death. Eazy E died suddenly (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?). Ice T would speak his mind, but he was smart enough to PIMP the game and is gettin paid, so why obstruct?

Rap battles don’t kill people; people kill people. Biggy Smallss was killed because people in power attempted to use the ‘East Coast’ - ‘West Coast’ Beef to start a riot among black people and Muslins.

As long as we don''t focus on the real enemy, we will always be deceived.


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*This is an editorial by author Gary Colin. The views do not necessarily reflect the views of this site or the site owners. It is offered to our visitors as a view of what is going on in hip-hop culture.


Editorials Attack on Hip-Hop Rap Battles

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