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Editorials Jessie Jackson and Operation Black Vote
Jessie Jackson and Operation Black Vote PDF Print E-mail
Written by Spartacus R. ID842   
Sunday, 13 March 2005 11:36

Last night (9th March 2005), I went to listen to Jesse Jackson and some other Political Pimps and Prostitutes parading as "grass roots" activists and community "leaders", hustling the African community on behalf of the Labour party, the Tory party and Liberal Democratic party. All these thieves, liars and lackeys were united in their efforts to get the African community to register and vote for one or another of our enemies'' chosen candidates in the forthcoming British elections, with the promise and threat that things will get better if they vote and worse if they don''t vote.

Messy Jessie admitted that the present crop of politicians left a lot to be desired but said don''t vote for the politician or the party, vote for the issues you want them to represent such as better housing, more job opportunities, better education, welfare rights, equality, etc. but he managed to overlook the fact that none of the parties nor their candidates, are standing on any of the issues that are important to or affect the African community. The man who has been dragging millions of Africans into the Democratic party spoke of how important and effective the Black vote is in the USA and praised his own 40 years registration campaigns in America. At the same time he used a lot of social statistics which, ironically, showed just how much worse things have got for African people in America - in spite of all the voting.

In the true hit and run spirit of the expert con artist, the promised interactive period of questions and answers did not materialise, even though the event actually ended 15 minutes earlier than advertised. Were the organisers, Operation Black Vote (OBV), worried that their dishonest scam would be exposed by questions from the floor? Is that why they did not allow questions at the New Initiatives meeting earlier the same day? Judging by the number of disgruntled comments after the meeting, they seem to have done their pimping campaign a great deal of damage by, in the ignoble tradition of their European masters, making a promise which they had no intention of delivering on.

I came home angry and depressed, feeling that if the dishonest Lethal Jester and the Simple Simon are indeed the best we have to offer in terms of political activism, we are in a worse state than anyone could imagine. But after a few seconds I dragged myself out of that depression. I soon realised that, just like Messy Jessie in America, they are only what our enemies have to offer us not what we have to offer ourselves. I was intending to write a full article on the duplicitous nature of the OBV gang but dug up this article I wrote a few years ago entitled "Voting? Who's Right?", dusted it off and revamped it for today. Our situation has gotten worse but the arguments are still the same.

VOTING? Who's Right in 2005?

It is interesting to see how some of us are satisfied to cuss each other out for not voting. Those Global Africans (Black people) who vote, will swear that every time they vote, they are doing something to change the status quo for our benefit. And those who see no value in voting for one crooked politician after another and therefore do not vote, will swear that if everyone abstained from voting this oppressive system we call democracy will come crashing down on itself. With the obvious risk of offending and alienating everyone, I say that they are both wrong. Voting for any of the major parties is like choosing to swallow one type of poison instead of another in hope of improving your health. While on the other hand, expecting "democracy" to die if you don''t vote is like expecting your assassin to commit suicide if you ignore them.

A few years ago I wrote: "With the mass export of "democracy", (the latest Global Europe export commodity in the exploitation war), many Global Africans (Black people) are now feeling proud and elated that we have finally had the opportunity in South Africa (Azania) for example, to officially give up control of our lives by voting. .... Giving someone else the right to make decisions on our behalf may free us from the burden of possibly making the wrong decisions but it also removes any possibility of us making the right decisions for ourselves. It does not make us freer. If we retain the right to make and execute all decisions about our lives we also retain the right to correct our own mistakes."  (From Leadership & Self Determination). I''m not saying here that we should not vote or that there is something wrong with people who vote. Given our current situation, their reasons for voting and who they vote for, are more important than the fact that they do vote. I recognise also that some people don''t vote, not because they are making a political statement but merely because they are asleep or they just don''t care.

Before we go any further with the argument for and against voting, as Africans we have to ask ourselves one simple question: "Is there a war going on?" If your answer is "No" then it really doesn''t matter who you vote for or why. You take pot luck. And many of those who believe that we are not at war will only vote for someone approved by the Jewish controlled racist media or sanctioned by some other kind of Global European (White) entity.

If your answer is "Yes, there is a war going on" the part you play in that war will be both determined by and will determine whether you vote or not, who you vote for if you do and why.

If you recognise that there is a war going on and your enemy tells you that the problems you and your people experience can be resolved by voting for someone he or she has carefully chosen to represent her or his interests, you would say "No thanks". Right?

I would say "No, thanks" too, not just because he or she is representing my enemy's interests but also because voting for non-proportional representation in a society based on representational government is relinquishing my right to participate more fully in the decisions which are made about my life and my environment. This is the case whether the office is local or national. The only difference is in scale.

But abstention from the political arena is not the answer because they will just call us apathetic and careless and move on. Even if three out of a thousand people voted, the controllers of the society would just celebrate their victory and continue - business as usual.

If we are to win this war it has to be fought on every level in every arena including the electoral arena. But we must always be aware that we are fighting a war. Even when we think we are independent of the enemy they can still be present through their agents. For example, a few years ago, I initiated a process which resulted in the first independent African candidate being selected by the African community in London to run for office in the British parliamentary elections. That is the only time I have ever voted, even though I have always been and still am registered to vote. The only situation I can see myself voting in, is where the candidate is chosen from among us, by us, to run on our behalf. The campaign to get Reverend Hewie Andrew elected, proved to be such a major threat to the status quo that two individuals, David Muir (working for the Labour party) and Lee Jasper (aka Lethal Jester, working for a less visible agency but clearly allied with the Labour party and the LibDems) were employed by our enemy to sabotage and undermine our campaign. 

So to those of you who don''t vote because you can''t see anyone who you believe can represent your interests, I say form your own party and put up your own candidates. Starting first with the local elections and then, having set up and tested the machinery, go national. But again you have to be very careful you are not being abused by disgruntled wanabees like treacherous Lethal Jester who, before he was offered a higher paying job as "Advisor" to the Mayor, was threatening to run as an independent candidate in the London Assembly, if he was not chosen as the token Nigger to stand on behalf of the Labour party.

Essentially, there is no difference between the US and UK situations where the person you end up voting for is chosen by a small group of people who are your historical enemies, have little or nothing in common with you and whose vested interests are diametrically opposed to yours.

It is amazing how easy it is to mislead even the most steadfast of people by frightening them and tugging at their emotional strings. See how easy it is for example, to get unanimous agreement on censorship by screaming "Child pornography", or get cross-party agreement on draconian anti-human legislations under the "war on terror" slogan.

I hear the argument that too many of our people have died fighting for our right to vote, for us not to value it. I agree with Sister Ifama's statement on the issue when she said: "First of all people did not die for my right to vote, they died trying to exercise "their" right to vote.  This is not in dishonor of my people who have died exercising their right thus ensuring my not being harassed as I exercise my "right". Secondly, my "right" to vote is embedded in the constitution of the united snakes. So if it is my "right" I have a right to exercise that right.  I choose not to until there is someone that "I" feel is worthy of it." (from email sent to the Harambee, Black Power List by Ifama Jackson). But, with all due respect to their memory and in celebration of their courage, I would go a little further and say that those who died fighting for the right to vote, were essentially people who had lost sight of the fact that they were still AT WAR and that they still had/have the options of the ballot or the bullet. Without realising it, they fought for the right to help choose which individual or group of individuals should be in charge of the enemy's continuing war campaigns against us.

Without belittling the sacrifices of our great Ancestors, I see no reason why we should be happy and grateful that our enemies now allow us to rubber stamp their choices of plantation managers. We should be aware that our enemies will never give us anything which can be used against their interests and that includes the ballot where they can and do change the rules. So, I say, by all means register to vote, even if it is just to be able to get credit, but don''t vote. DO NOT VOTE, unless you can select your own candidate who is of your community and whose interests and objectives are similar to yours. We have the power to do whatever we will and that includes representing ourselves and dealing with our own business. We are the power.

May the Ancestors guide and protect you all on our way.

Love and life

Spartacus R. 

Spartacus R. is the founder of GAP-Radio.com the first and only African Centred talk radio station in London, editor of Global Africa Pocket News author of "Violation" and "The Maãt Mystery", takes another look at the world through his GlobalEyes.

Your observations and comments will be appreciated.

May the Ancestors guide and protect you on our way.
Love and life

Spartacus R.

Editorials Jessie Jackson and Operation Black Vote

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