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Editorials Maybe Artest Wants Credibility
Maybe Artest Wants Credibility PDF Print E-mail
Written by Keith ID440   
Monday, 22 November 2004 04:48

Like the Hip-Hop community needs the help of Ron Artest to smear its image. The Rap industry has struggled for years to gain credibility.  Only to gain credibility for the negativity it brings to the table.

As if the Vibe Awards melee wasn’t enough last week. Young Buck on his way to jail for sticking up for his boss. Sounds familiar, he should give Shyne a call. Of course just being in the building was enough for Suge to have fingers pointed in his direction. Not to mention all the other Rappers whose names were dragged into many articles about the incident. If the negativity didn’t follow this industry and the stars everywhere it goes this wouldn’t even be an issue.

Ron Artest has been nothing but a headache for the NBA since his arrival and lucky for all of us Hip-Hop heads he has found his way into something we love to. Ron Artest owns the Record Label that the group Allure will be dropping their album on later this month.

Artest has been the center of controversy for quite some time now. Two seasons ago Artest destroyed a $100,000 High Definition television camera and also threw a T.V. monitor at Madison Square Garden. Later on that season he also flashed the fans in Miami with an obscene gesture. Not to mention countless other incident like shattering framed pictures after losses.

Not two weeks ago Artest was benched for two games after wanting time off to work on the new album that was coming out. He has spent a lot of time in the studio with the group, promoting the new album and recording some on his own in his free time.


The latest, being the brawl this weekend between the Pacer, Pistons and fans. Self-Defense will be the fight but to me it’s just a front for an insecure young man. Ego defense sounds more like it. There was no threat of real danger that called for what Artest had done. If he would not have went into the stands the

security would have taken care of the issue. The person that was guilty would have been dealt with the right way.

It’s a shame to see a young Black man that tells stories of his struggles take advantage of the blessing he has gotten to play ball in the NBA. How many people do we all know that can Ball like the best of them but can’t get the opportunity to shine? Then the ones that do have to go and do stuff like this.

Well welcome to the industry Ron Artest you now have the street credibility everyone always feel is so important. You can now make single after single and brag about how you were punched nine times.

I look forward to the day that people get it. As much as this person or that person wants to cry that Rap artists or stars in general get a bad rap. They bring it upon themselves. If some of the people mentioned above would have stopped and thought for just a second that could make the difference, as it could have many times in the past.

Everyone is always so rapped up in the image of being hard or being a thug. Yet when that’s the label they earn themselves they want to point in every direction but their own. As someone once told me, When you point the finger at someone else there is three pointing right back at you.


Editorials Maybe Artest Wants Credibility

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