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Editorials Hip-Hop 'Savior' Benzino
Hip-Hop 'Savior' Benzino PDF Print E-mail
Written by Keith ID1157   
Tuesday, 12 April 2005 02:22


It seems the self-proclaimed Hip-Hop ‘savior’ Benzino and the Source have landed themselves a new date in court. The recent Sexual Harassment lawsuit was filed just days after the news that Benzino was resigning from his post at the magazine. Although the resignation has already been reversed, this charge is just one in the long list of instances of the pot calling the kettle black.

So let’s take a look at all of this. Last month when rap artist Eminem withdrew his case against the source you could read the following all over the internet. "It was a cowardly move for Eminem to back out of his lawsuit against us just two weeks before he was going to have to take the stand, but it doesn''t surprise me," said Ray Benzino, co-Founder and Chief Brand Executive of The Source. "The fact that he lied about his past and still hasn''t had the courage to come out in public and address his racist songs, shows the lack of respect he has for the Hip-Hop community."

First off, Eminem is a coward for backing out, now a little while later one of Benzino’s so called reasons for resigning from the magazines is the legal battle. "I want to step down from the magazine and sell my stock effective immediately," he said. "I''ve been consumed too much with the whole conflict thing ... the Eminem suit, and I am sick of it," Benzino said. I say so called because it is already rumored that Benzino’s resignation was nothing but a publicity stunt to stimulate marketing and advertising.

Secondly, I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Who is Benzino and where does he get this feeling that he is some sort of Hip-Hop Godfather? I was surprised that we didn’t hear about the sit down again. Eminem has to sit down with Benzino and apologize to the world because Benzino said so? Maybe I stand alone and everyone is entitled to their opinion that’s what’s great about this. But, I feel that Eminem said and did all he had to on Encore. On one song he addresses the issue of the song Foolish Pride and on the other he addresses the issue with Benzino and beef all together. That wasn’t enough though to satisfy Benzino and the Source. So whose problem is it really? You decide.

On Friday at a press conference Benzino announced his resignation with a statement that contained this. "Everyone is too politically correct," he said. "I plan on creating another magazine that has my voice which represents the little guy. It's because of the manipulation of SoundScan and radio that hip-hop is losing its edge." Now isn’t that a little twisted? The same guy that is so quick to join the fight of anything in hip-hop whether it’s degrading women, racism, publicity stunts and violence wants to say that everyone is too politically correct?

Well when you own the number one hip-hop magazine and you can say that hip-hop is losing its edge what does that say for you? To me it says you are just as guilty as the next guy and should probably stop pointing fingers.

The Source and its co-owners have taken many big stands in the hip-hop world in the recent past. This to anyone that can see through the smoke knows are just publicity stunts. Not to mention the other things that Benzino has used the Source to do. The response to Eminems Toy Soldiers titled Die Another Day released just in time for the release of Benzinos new album. The whole beef with Eminem and the Issues dedicated to slamming him and other artists from his label. Did I mention the next Source to hit the shelves is to expose Interscope records publicity stunts?

I could go on and on with the other contradictions that continuously flow out of Benzino and the magazine but why bother. I’ll drop it here real quick.

Benzino on live radio on the Hot 97 morning show calls Russel Simmons a ‘coon’. Last time I checked that was a racist comment.

Benzino and his boys bragged about catching Proof in Miami and lumping him up. That would be violence.

The latest being the accusations from the ladies that used to work at the Source. From what I understand sexual harassment was pretty degrading to the women on the receiving end.

The Source has a platform like no other in Rap and hip-hop. They have been the leading magazine in the industry for years. Instead of jumping on all the wagons for the fight to save hip-hop why not step up and do something. When you constantly misuse the platform people don’t listen to the message coming from it.

One employee has left to start his own magazine. On Friday one of the co-owners was on his way out the door. Come Monday he’s not leaving and there is a lawsuit being filed. To me this is all too much of a coincidence. As I said when I heard the news of Benzinos resignation, there is more to this story. I am sure we will hear all about it.


Editorials Hip-Hop 'Savior' Benzino

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