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Editorials Hip-Hop Pastor Mase to G-Unit
Hip-Hop Pastor Mase to G-Unit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Keith ID1825   
Monday, 22 August 2005 08:22

Rumor has it that the Hip-Hop Pastor Mase will be signing if not already signed to rapper 50 Cents G-Unit records. Man it hurts to talk about either of these cats but, I got to call it like I see it. Right now I see it very ironic and quite funny, if you consider the past year for Mase.

About five years ago Mase announced his retirement right before his album ‘Double Up’ hit the stores. As we all know Mase was leaving Hip-Hop and going into retirement to follow God. At the time Mase had this to say, "It takes a great person to walk away from money. If you ask any person ''Would you walk away from that money to do what you felt in your heart?'' and nobody agreed….It takes not only a great person. It takes a strong person. It takes a courageous person. It takes a person that you''ve never encountered. And everybody wants to question what's real. ''What's real about Mase?'' This is the realest thing you''ve ever seen."

I really don''t think it was the realest thing I have ever seen. I think it was convenience and who knows how many other things. So my question now is if Mase was so real back then when he made these comments in 1999, what's real about the Mase we have seen this past year? In reality all it takes is half a brain and a little research to see just how fake Mase has been since he played Mr. Rogers and sang ‘Welcome Back’.

The contradictions are very obvious and funny at the same time. Anyone can see that they are the foundation of him getting on to G-Unit Records and trying to not look like the clown and a sellout. There is no way Mase can sign with G-Unit and not contradict everything he said before his retirement and at the time of his return.

When Mase was asked about the lyrics "the game ain’t been the same" in the song ‘Welcome Back’ and what was the biggest changes he saw in the game Mase replied with, "All of the things you think hip-hop is, is not the way hip-hop is right now. Hip-hop was fun, it was dancing. It was the way you dressed. It was the way you carried yourself. It had nothing to do with who did anything to anybody." Now that is funny coming from a guy whose could be boss is the same guy that has built his career on beef, controversy, bullet holes and a rap sheet.

Mase is the same guy that told Foxy Brown that rap music was the devil right before his retirement. When Mase came back he was supposedly bringing his spirituality with him. He was saying things like "it's simply about enjoying life and having fun" or letting other rappers know they needed to "Leave your guns at home." How many people remember seeing the making of the video where Mase was making the young ladies put on more clothes because they needed to respect themselves? Once again these are things coming from the guy that may sign to a label that carrying a gun is apparently a must and you need to catch a case once in a while to keep up your gangsta image. This is the same label that records uncut versions of their videos that could double as pornos.

With a little looking into how the ‘Welcome Back’ album came together, you will find out that it started with a studio session. That lead to recording enough material for Mase to go to Puffy and hand him the album and say I am coming back. So with that said for all to hear and see for themselves how can Mase make a comment like, "When I came back to Bad Boy, they didn''t want me to go where I wanted to go. They wanted me to do what was safe for them. I had to pretty much sabotage myself. Everybody knows who I am." Now I don''t know about you but, to me that sounds like a guy that is trying to say he had no control over a project that he previously takes credit for doing on his own. It also sounds like a guy that is trying to distance himself from the man and the label that made him what he is and used to be in the Hip-Hop game.

We all know better by now to know that this is all just the beginning of a bigger story that will lead to more controversy and more headlines for more money. There is many scenarios that we can all play out in our heads because we all know that 50 has got a plan that leads this story line well into at least next year.

If Murder Mase is making a comeback then we all know that his new lifestyle and new image that will be created over time will not mix with his supposed morals and his god following church ways. Maybe there is some street creed that will need to be established? Maybe catch a case or two or just do something stupid enough to look a little harder than a pastor or better yet the guy that is known for the shiny suits?

Maybe get a good beef going? I can''t see it being Puffy and Bad Boy cause that would just be a waste of time. But, Dipset has been doing there thing lately and the ground work for that one is already set. Mase has already had a run in with people from Dipset and Diddy has just done work with them. Who knows, if the timing is right and publicity is needed maybe 50 and Game can fight over Mase or who wrote his lyrics?

Whatever it is, we will all just have to sit back and wait. See how much garbage Mase has talked over the last five years and where he really stands and just how bad he is willing to sell out to make the money that was no big deal five years ago. There is more than meets the eyes my friends and that's for sure.

Editorials Hip-Hop Pastor Mase to G-Unit

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