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Editorials Tookie Williams If He's Killed Dig In
Tookie Williams If He's Killed Dig In PDF Print E-mail
Written by Slav "Kandyd8" Kandyba ID2134   
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 01:46

If Stan "Tookie" Williams is executed on Tuesday, December 13th, December 14th will be a day that will live in infamy. Just like that "other" day that has lived in infamy -- Pearl Harbor. More on why later below.

Tookie, or Took, for short, is similar to sheikhs of Iran and what have you in the regard that he is the spiritual leader of the Crips gang. That's the notorious Crips that has membership in the thousands across the U.S . and probably overseas. Tookie may or may not be running things from inside, but it's not hard to tell that his impending death is causing quite a stir from the doorsteps of San Quentin to Switzerland. It's headline news, it's all over the Internet. And, I''m sure, on the blocks -- ghetto CNN -- it's the topic of conversation all hours of the day.

All eyes are indeed on Tookie, and they will be fixed on him as long as he's still alive.

Last Saturday, a rally was held outside San Quentin State Prison, where Tookie's awaiting execution. It was led by another spiritual leader of the hip-hop generation, Snoop Dogg. A San Diego delegation, led by Minister Tukufu Kalonji, founder and director of the San Diego-based The Serudj Institute of Effective Socialization, was planning to go. How far the voices of those in attendance went remains to be seen, perhaps on that Tuesday in December when a man's life will be taken as redemption for his sins in allegedly killing four people in the 70s and 80s. (The gigantic irony in the fact that Took's life story was condensed into a motion picture called "Redemption" is too great not to point out here.)

So, let's say Tookie is executed. The word spreads, and the rage held by Crips in California prisons is unleashed on the correctional officers. They use every weapon in their arsenal -- from razors to shanks to tooth-brushes to attack their captors. And when they attack, it's going to get ugly, an all-out war. And it will be an understandable war, kind of like the shot heard around the world that sparked the American Revolution. Tookie's support system is in the hundreds of thousands of people who feel alienated from mainstream society. Yes, those same people who rioted in France several weeks back to the Somalian immigrant who plays hoops at a San Diego gym. It's the sign of pain, the external jihad that boils under people's skins and once in a while manifests itself through riots. (see Rodney King, Civil Rights, Watts). What will happen Dec. 14 th is no different. And Took's death, unfortunately, appears to be setting the course for something eerily similar.

The African proverb goes "To ask is not to steal." Well, the question that needs to be asked is, "Can someone please do something to avoid a tragedy of massive proportions?"

The problem is someone can, but they don''t appear poised to. Police unions are asking for Tookie's death to be expedited, the good Governor is in China trying to drum up business -- but getting signatures based on fame instead. So it appears we''re on course for a disaster. Dig in.

AUTHOR's NOTE: This column is an expression of thoughts and opinions of a single individual, and is not intended to represent anyone else's point of view or anytime had any intention of doing so. In the author's eye, it is an example of KANDYD JOURNALISM, something unfortunately practiced very rarely in this day and age.

*Slav "Kandyd8" Kandyba is a southern California-based wire service reporter.

Editorials Tookie Williams If He's Killed Dig In

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