Activist Gen Kabaka Oba Shot 5 Times in Cincinnati Print
Written by Robert ID2512   
Wednesday, 12 April 2006 13:39

Outspoken Cincinnati, Ohio activist Kabaka Oba, aka Michael Bailey, the leader of the Black Fist and also known as General Kabaka Oba, was shot today outside the Cincinnati City Hall.

General Kabaka Oba, is an outspoken sometimes radical and an overpowering presence of a man. His words fall different on the different segments of the Cincinnati society; but one thing is certain the General is a very smart intellectual person.

A bus driver for Queen City Metro in Cincinnati, the activist side of Kabaka Oba is the side that has often landed him in trouble with the law in Cincinnati.

A very outspoken opponent of police brutality against black citizens, Kabaka Oba has caused much controversy in a city that has seen its police force commit crimes against citizens and Kabaka Oba was, and with many prayers will, be there to keep the incidents in the ‘light’, instead of letting them be forgotten or swept under the rug.

From the murder of Roger Owensby Jr. to the murder of Timothy Thomas, Kabaka Oba has always stood as a strong black voice pointing out the ‘faults’ in the Cincinnati Police Dept.

Close to the steps of Cincinnati’s City Hall, Kabaka Oba was shot multiple times a little after 3 P.M. (EST). He was taken to University Hospital and is listed in critical condition. He was shot 5 times.

General Kabaka Oba speaks before city council regularly. Cincinnati City Council's regular meeting was underway when the shots were fired. Council Members were stunned as they heard the shots outside the City Hall.

General Kabaka Oba has had numerous encounters with government official, including police dept. officials and citizens of the city in the past, but meaningless violence like this makes no sense.

Tonight we have learnt that Police Chief Tom Streicher has reported Howard Beatty, 52, who was identified as the shooter in this case, has turned himself in to the Cincinnati Police Chief. He's been charged with felonious assault.

General Kabaka Oba apparently was sitting in his car along the 800 block of Plum Street, in front of City Hall, when Beatty allegedly pulled up along side his car and fired about six shots, hitting General Kabaka Oba at least five time.

At this time General Kabaka Oba is reported to be out of surgery and in ICU in very serious condition. We wish and pray for a full recovery for this well loved community activist of Cincinnati.

Because we may disagree, does not give the right to try to kill someone. We need to learn to agree to disagree – for our future.