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Written by Robert ID1573   
Wednesday, 22 June 2005 00:55

Be it in a hip-hop song, a rap track or from the spoken word artist; poetry has strong roots in the hip-hop culture.

The precision and elegance of a poet's words can make readers pause to appreciate their own perceptions or examine their feelings. Whether you are an avid poetry reader or a fan of spoken word poetry, there is something to be said for a poet's writing style that transcends the limits of confined paper pages and still delivers passion on the "open-mic" stage. This can describe the work of one new poet Mikaylah Simone and her book of poetry "My Manufactured English."

Mikaylah is an emerging African-American poet whose simple, yet visceral, style brings poetry back to its basics as a social art through her affirmation of cultural identity and personal redemption.

Join Mikaylah Simone ONLINE for an ONLINE virtual book party answering all questions about her debut book "My Manufactured English" :


Date: Sunday June 26, 2005

Time: 8-9:30 PM Eastern

7-8:30 PM Central

6-7:30 PM Mountain

5-6:30 PM Pacific


Come online and meet 2005 LA Black Book Expo Award (Poetry) winner, Mikaylah Simone! Join in on the real-time discussion about her latest collection of poetry, My Manufactured English and find out what she has in store for readers for the future.

Go to this link:  http://www.thegrits.com/virtual_party/msimone/index.html


Be sure to visit Mikaylah’s website at : WWW.MSIMONE.COM