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Tuesday, 19 April 2005 04:44

Be it in a hip-hop song, a rap track or from the spoken word artist; poetry has strong roots in the hip-hop culture.

The precision and elegance of a poet's words can make readers pause to appreciate their own perceptions or examine their feelings. Whether you are an avid poetry reader or a fan of spoken word poetry, there is something to be said for a poet's writing style that transcends the limits of confined paper pages and still delivers passion on the "open-mic" stage. This can describe the work of one new poet Mikaylah Simone and her book of poetry "My Manufactured English."

Mikaylah is an emerging African-American poet whose simple, yet visceral, style brings poetry back to its basics as a social art through her affirmation of cultural identity and personal redemption.

During the short time of Mikaylah's debut book "My Manufactured English" (ISBN: 1412032113), there has been a fantastic response; all leading up to Mikaylah's exclusive Chicago book signing event sponsored by Bahiyah Woman Magazine (http://www.BWMMag.com).

From the "Lone Star" (unfashionably dressed in black skin) to the "Big Apple" (where black is "vogue" on the Harlem runway), Mikaylah left her Texas beginnings for New York; this soon became the ideal stage for her "one-woman show" before finding the up-and-coming art/poetry venue of Columbus. Mikaylah's poetry communicates consciousness and passion out of her strong desire to transform thoughts and experiences into art. Her provocative poetic style embraces cultural identity as she intermingles Swahili roots with modern issues in pieces such as "Belly Full" and "Consciousness" along with ancestral platforms found in "Sankofa" and "Maji."

Mikaylah Simone displays her liberating experimental form in her debut book of poetry "My Manufactured English." This premiere work includes chapters of penetrating poetry concerning varying themes and layered meanings of politics, religion, violence, community and the complexity of love; all revealing the fresh insight of this author's journey that is honest, sad, comical and true.  The words of poetry incased between the covers of this book promise to be an interesting and insightful read that touch upon variable worldly concerns.

Be sure to check out Mikaylah Simone Website:  http://www.msimone.com and look for the book.

Book Summary:

     Book Title: My Manufactured English

     Poet/Author: Mikaylah Simone

     Trafford Publishing:  http://www.trafford.com

     ISBN#: 1412032113