Spoken Word Artists Are Part of True Hip-Hop Print
Written by Robert ID1563   
Tuesday, 21 June 2005 01:24

Spoken Word Artist are often overlooked in the hip-hop arena, as many of us would rather hear the blasting bass beat and lyrics set to catchy beats that keep our head moving.

Spoken word is just rap with out the beat; it is a form of poetry with deep roots in the hip-hop culture. If you are not familiar with the spoken word artist then here is an artist who can open a whole new world beyond rap for you.


There is a spoken word artist called C~7 who hails from Boston, Mass. He is a naval officer and a devoted father of two. He has been known for his gritty, realistic and straight to the point style of poetry.

‘Hostile Intentions’ is his debut spoken word project. The cunning hidden Parental Advisory marked: "Educated Lyrics" in the corner and the photographic genius of Sugar Randle's cover work, (find her and her work at www.whoissugar.com ), often cause a lot of misinterpretation of this author's hidden messages.

This album was designed to shed light on situations that are normally never given enough attention. The taboo subjects that so many suffer with alone. Whether blazed over a hip-hop beat, (feel it on track 3, Introducing) or laced with an R&B track, (check out track 13, PASSION), all of his work is based on the concept of returning to the art of common sense. What affect will his work have on you? You will have to listen and see for yourself.

C~7 is joined on this album by two local VA poets that are remarkable in their own right; Trish Doolin and Clayton J. Singleton. (to see more of Clayton J. Singleton’s work look for him at www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/c/claytonjs .

To hear samples of ‘Hostile Intentions’ and to get more information on C~7 visit CD Baby HERE.