Hip Hop Pioneer Afrika Bambaataa Passes the Torch Print
Written by Robert ID2984   
Saturday, 02 September 2006 08:42

Afrika Bambaataa, the Godfather of Hip Hop Culture and the Father of the Electro Funk Sound, has officially dubbed hip hop artist, the1shanti, India Bambaataa.

"You have our blessings (Afrika Bambaataa and The Universal Zulu Nation) as long as you use your name in the good of your people and the good of yourself," the original hip hop pioneer told the1shanti this week via written correspondence.

"You have our blessings as long as you make whatever funky music you make to rock/funk the world. You have our blessings as long as you use your mind, body and soul to use your music as a tool to fight for justice for our Indian brothers and sisters who have a lot of problems in India and need a person like you, who is starting to get international status, to speak out about our Indian heritage and not let no one in the world forget your roots and your people's roots."

A global hip hop pioneer in his own right for being the first New York rapper of Indian descent to bring hip hop to India, the1shanti cites Afrika Bambaataa's fearlessly innovative and torch bearing spirit as one of the main influences in his career. It was after a life-changing visit to Africa that Bambaataa decided to use his leadership in New York to turn those involved in the gang life into a more positive influence for the community.

It was on a life-changing trip to India that the1shanti realized his larger responsibility as an artist to educate Indians about the true nature of hip hop as an art form. Beyond his passion for hip hop, the1shanti realized in embracing his Indian roots that it was his responsibility to hold himself to a higher standard as an artist.

"Hip hop is the most influential force of our generation," says the young artist, "Bambaataa's blessing lets me know I''m playing an important role in pushing the boundaries of how far hip hop can grow."

With Afrika Bambaataa's backing, Flatbush Junction Recordings is moving full steam ahead with the November 12 launch of the1shanti's debut album India Bambaataa.

More about Flatbush Junction Recordings:Founded in the spring of 2005 as a subsidiary of Laskar Music, Flatbush Junction Recordings is an independent label working hand-in-hand with artists to help them achieve their own vision of music and an individualistic sound.

India Bambaataa, the1shanti's debut album and a Flatbush Junction release, is slated to hit stores nationwide in November. For more information on Flatbush Junction artist the1shanti, visit www.flatbushjunction.com and www.the1shanti.com