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Written by Robert ID2039   
Monday, 24 October 2005 05:53

Rap artist Annakin Slayd was inspired at a young age by many genres, including soul/R&B, Heavy metal and hip hop. He has artists such as Stevie Wonder, Suicidal Tendencies and Wu-Tang to thank for his fusion of lyrical aggression, croony hooks and heavy musicianship that created his distinctive style.

Even though he has only been making music since 2003, Annakin has been in the entertainment business since he graduated from College at the age of 20. Trained as an actor and playwright, he started his own theatre company called Untimely Ripped Entertainment. He soon found himself living poor in Brooklyn, New York doing Off-Off-Broadway theatre. It was in Jamaica, Queens where he was so desperate for work that he auditioned for an upstart label called Full Blaze Records. With only the experience of rapping for kicks with friends back home, Anni nevertheless auditioned and Full Blaze signed him.

However, the company failed to flourish and Anni came back to Montreal and started rocking shows with some of the city’s best including Offsides, Eye to Eye and funk band Free Oxygen. That’s when starting to record The American Bitch single became the next logical step. Working with producer Doc Holiday of Black Page Entertainment, which is an extension of Masters at Work (Montreal’s most listened to Hip Hop show), Annakin recorded his first three tracks.

Battle tune extraordinaire “Don’t Even Know”, “Darkhorses” with Blue Collar Hubris member Ryze and the unmistakably catchy and soon to be all-too controversial, “American Bitch”. This comedic track with heavy political undertones is the story of an American girl who catches the eye of a naïve Anni and soon after ends up becoming the woman of his life. However, this cowgirl has intensions beyond companionship. She ends up moving in to Anni’s place, causing rifts in his friendships, stealing money and ultimately, launching a unilateral invasion of his space. “American Bitch” is on college radio stations and streets across the country and his new mix CD called Warning Tracks:

The Annakin Slayd Mix CD is becoming an overnight street success that is bound to shake up Canadian Hip Hop. The Truth is God EP is almost completed and a full album, True Lies And The Gods Who Tell Them is in the works. His newly formed band Blue Collar Hubris is beginning to create buzz about a great live show. Hitting the stage armed with their “truth” trucker hats, Blue Collar Hubris features Anni, along with fellow mc Ryze, keyboardist Tim Aas and Melo on the wheels of steel. They have played high profile Montreal venues such as Bourbon Street West, Le Swimming and La Sala Rosa.

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