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Written by Robert ID1950   
Monday, 03 October 2005 01:22

‘Bread, Blunts, & Broads’ has been released by hip-hop producer Taylormade. The compilation album features hip-hop and rap artists Nijay, Sweet Geez, Cole, Vellqwan, Haze, J-Stalin, Stace, and AP-9 (of Mobb Figgaz).

Taylormade is excited about the album and the varied collaborations between the various artists. ‘It's a mix of east and west coast sound and it’s different than anything else out there right now’, Taylormade explains.

With the instrumentation and hip-hop production from Taylormade and the collaboration of different hip-hop and rap artists that stretch from The Bay to Harlem, this album is definitely going to catch the attention of the Hip-Hop industry.

‘Bread, Blunts & Broads’, brings you from the streets of Harlem, back west to San Francisco and Oakland, CA, down the coast to San Diego, and then has the collaboration of both coasts. The lyrics and artists range from talking about the ups and downs of love in the ghetto and sharing the stories of lives in the streets from the East to West Coast.

To hear samples and more get information go to www.oddballentertainment.com

*And be sure to check the track Gangster (Vellqwan-produced by Taylormade) – tight flows and great production.