Hip Hop with a Message via Eddie Rath Print
Written by Keith ID3343   
Monday, 19 February 2007 05:10

Edson Hamakowa, aka hip hop artist Eddie Rath, is making some noise in the underground hip hop community. This young hip hop rap artist was born and raised in Zambia Afrika (Africa). In the year of 2005 at the age of 17 after high school Edson Hamakowa traveled to the United States for an art college education. While being funded by his father, Edson had always dreamed of breaking through in the hip hop music industry, by means of his rap talent and his love for hip hop music.

Prior to his arrival in the United States, Edson gained an interest in the hip hop culture at the tender age of 11, growing up on a farm, he lived a great distance from the townships in his city, not giving him time to socialize often.

This unwilling solitude caused him to develop an increasing hunger to break through in the “hip hop and rap game” so to speak, writing an abundance of songs and free styling with his younger brother or by him self.

After developing his articulate approach to rap, Edson wrote down a list of about 40 rap aliases and chose one name to go by, Eddie Rath. He came to the conclusion that he would start rapping about things that mattered or had a great deal of significance in modern day, not giving a great deal of consideration for how he rhymed it. Becoming increasingly more political in his music, attacking America’s right wing administration, he sought to have an ever-changing style that altered according to his state of living.

One song that has the hip hop underground buzzing is Eddie Rath’s ‘Fuck Bush’ track. A true hip hop look at president Bush and the world today.

You can hear this track and more music from Eddie Rath on his MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/eddierath . This track from Eddie Rath is also currently in rotation on www.TLARadio.com along with other tracks from this amazing new artist.

With all the talk about where is ‘conscious’ hip hop and rap, Eddie Rath can bring a little truth thru his spit, and it is good to see a young artist who is not consumed by hip hop on the ‘norm’; full of clubbing and degrading our women. With a meaningful message in his spit, Eddie Rath is worth a look. Check him out and support the ‘real’ in hip hop.

Eddie Rath is now on the hunt for a record deal and Eddie Rath will stop at nothing to have his message heard by the world.