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Written by Robert ID2316   
Saturday, 04 February 2006 12:30

Fresh off the success of his independent EP release “Fundamentals,” which has sold close to 1000 copies since its July release, Philadelphia-based recording hip-hop artist Random is set to drop his debut full-length LP, “The Call,” on RAHM Nation Records on February 21, 2006.

Whereas “Fundamentals” is fun and lighthearted, “The Call” is a heartfelt, sentimental and serious journey into the soul of the man born Raheem Jarbo 28 years ago.


“I usually have a lot of fun making records, but this one was really painful,” says Random of his newest project. “You can ask Mel (DN3, RAHM Nation producer and engineer, who co-executive produced “The Call”). I would just come in and get down to business, no jokes at all. I really put a lot of high expectations on myself and this record.” I said a lot of things I’ve never said before behind the mic, and wanted to show people another side of me.”


Hip-hop MC Random had lots of help on the album, insisting that no matter how personal the project was, he knew he would not be able to handle the bulk of the responsibilities on his own. “This is the first joint I’ve ever worked on where I was truly an artist first; I got to sit the other hats down, and didn’t have to worry about producing everything, promoting everything, mixing everything, packaging everything…It feels so good to have people that support what you do in your corner, and willing to take such a role in your project,” Ran says. “So many tight emcees and producers stepped up and laced me, it’s a blessing.”


The Call features stellar beats and rhymes from Random and label mates DN3, Ohene and Problem Child, as well as outside production by some of Hip-Hop’s most diverse beatsmiths. The Call’s guest list includes underground rap legends Wordsworth, Hasan Salaam and Majesty, and fellow Illadel natives Reef the Lost Cauze and Hezekiah. The result is an album that demands to be listened to.


The album’s moods vary, from celebratory (“The Opening Movement (Focus)”) to downright tear-jerking (“I Still Care”). He touches on several issues, including politics (“Still Ain’t Good Enough”), originality (“Raze the Bar”) and even relationships (“Tainted Love” parts 1-3) and all the while provides a solid combination of wise insight and sharp, thought provoking lyricism.


The Call will be available February 21 on CDBaby.com, Best Buy,  Fat Beats Records, Music Hut, Relapse Records, TowerRecords.com, Amazon.com, hiphopsite.com, ughh.com,  and more. More information can be found at www.rahmnation.org or at www.myspace.com/random215

Be sure to check this one out February 21.

Tracklist for The Call

1. Introduction Produced by Random for RandomBeats Productions

2. The Opening Movement (Focused) produced by DN3 for ShortBeagle Productions

3. Raze The Bar Produced by Samik for Outsiders Productions

5. Tainted Love Part I produced by 9th Wonder for The Planet

6. Motivate produced by Random for RandomBeats Productions

7. The Art of War featuring Ohene Produced by Def Entertainment

8. If I Wait featuring Hasan Salaam and Majesty Produced by DN3 for ShortBeagle Productions

9. On The Grind (Momma Told Me) Produced by Ohene

10. Tainted Love Part II Produced by 2FacedBeats

11.Don’t Let Me Die featuring Hezekiah produced by Problem Child for Problematic Productions

12. Interlude (Prayer)Produced by Random for RandomBeats Productions

13. BlackOut Produced by Peru for the Phila-Steam

14. Push produced by Problem Child for Problematic Productions

15. Salvation featuring Wordsworth Produced by DN3 for ShortBeagle Productions

16. Tainted Love Part III Produced by Random for RandomBeats Productions

17. Luminescence featuring Reef the Lost Cauze and Neo P Produced by DN3 for ShortBeagle Productions

18 I Still Care featuring Nesheeda Shockley Produced by Ohene

19. The Call (poem by Hope McDowell). Produced by Problem Child for Problematic Productions


Plus Bonus Tracks