Immigration Debate Addressed in Hip-Hop Video Print
Written by Robert ID2473   
Friday, 31 March 2006 03:24

With the current immigration debate raging, the significantly acclaimed combination hip-hop group Karmacy adds a personal perspective to the immigration debate through the hit hip-hop / rap music video, "Blood Brothers."

Delivered in a combination of the English and Gujarati languages with English subtitles, Blood Brothers illustrates the toughest decision for an immigrant: whether to remain in the home country out of a sense of duty, or to seek fortunes elsewhere; and that is one area of this immigration debate many are overlooking. It is not always ‘easy’ to seek out a new life.

The video shot on location in Los Angeles, follows two brothers -- one who stays in India with their family out of a sense of duty, and the other who seeks and finds success and fortune in America.

Blood Brothers received heavy rotation during the launch of the MTV Desi Network -- a concept targeting South Asian Americans, and was well received at the Asian American Film Festival in San Francisco this year.

Tight hip-hop beats and rapid rap lyrics explain the popularity of this hip-hop video. Check it out.

The video is available at Rukus Avenue and from the popular video site YouTube.


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