Donnie Cross - I'm a Hater Print
Written by Keith ID1415   
Saturday, 21 May 2005 09:25

Ambassadors Way Entertainment proudly presents Mississippi based rapper/producer Donnie Cross’ controversial track “I’m a Hater” from his upcoming debut LP ‘Soundtrack to my Soul’.

Produced by Donnie’s alter ego Decade the song features dark gothic melodies atop a thunderous bass heavy beat. “I’m a Hater” has been jump starting clubs throughout the State of Mississippi, with a hook that you absolutely love to hate!

Although the term ‘hater’ has been looked upon as a negative thing in hip hop and rap, Donnie Cross, the Super Villain, believes that it is time for us to revisit the meaning of the slang term.

“The word hater has been misused,” says Donnie. “Now days if you have a personal opinion or a valid criticism of something or someone then you is automatically labeled a hater. Hate is a part of human emotion and emotions are what make us individuals. So if I’m not conforming to your norm or I don’t like what you like then I’m a Hater. It’s a metaphor for individualism.”

While many will debate Donnie Cross’ rationale for the song, there is one thing that can’t be denied, “I’m a Hater” is definitely one hot song.  Be on the look out for ’Soundtrack to my Soul’ by Donnie Cross.