DJ Superstar Jay Re-Examines Hip Hop Fundamentals Print
Written by John ID3213   
Monday, 08 January 2007 07:40

Before the acknowledgement of hip hop and rap by commercial radio and television stations, turntablelists would grab a stack of TDK’s and supply the streets with a much needed hip hop fix.

When hip hop legends like Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, and Flash introduced mixtapes to a newly blossoming hip hop scene in the 70’s, New York party DJ’s used them as a tool to exhibit their skills to the masses.

Many of us, like the late hip hop / rap luminary Notorious B.I.G., often “let our tape rock ‘til they popped.” So now in the age of downloading, pro tools and echo chambers it seems like anyone can produce mixtapes (and not necessarily hot ones). This leaves many of us wondering “Have New York DJ’s have lost their touch?”

Well, one surely hasn’t! Rich Soil/ Asylum Records artist, DJ Superstar Jay, who was recently named the 2006 Justo Mixtape Awards “Rookie of the Year” and MTV Mixtape Monday’s "2006 Breakthrough DJ of the Year," is not only spearheading a movement to re-examine the fundamentals of mixtape DJ’ing, but he’s also doing his part to aid the Big Apple in reclaiming it’s rightful place on the hip hop throne.

Jay says “I personally, don’t respect DJ’s that can’t really deejay. I mean every dude who has internet service and can download music is not a DJ.  I’m about to get back to some of the basics, like more blends, R&B mixes, Best of’ mixtapes…I’m trying to broaden my horizons.”

Jay continues, “Cats should be on the lookout for Superstar Jay in 2007, I don’t want to sound cocky, but I’m on the verge of making some major moves. I feel like more DJ’s should support New York artists. There are too many hot artists in NYC not to be! NYC is on a steady come up and I’m going to do my best to bring it back.”

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