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Written by Keith ID1265   
Tuesday, 26 April 2005 09:28

Due to their remarkable underground notoriety the dynamically talented DJ Monkey signed with 7 Records (New York and San Antonio) and will re-release their debut album, Another Evolution, this May. DJ Monkey cooks up a word-laced meal full of diversity, musicianship and professionalism that most artists overlook. Another Evolution unlocks the deeper thoughts of listeners by asking questions about society, politics, race and economics. At the same time, the music holds your attention, dares you to ignore its complex mix of poetry, rap and jazz-filled beats, and puts you right on the streets where it’s all happening.

DJ Monkey's river of talent flows deep. Soulful writer and co-producer Joey Alkes is a published poet and co-author of “A Million Miles Away” recorded by both The Goo Goo Dolls and The Plimsouls while vocalist and instrumentalist Mick McMains fronted Earl Slick’s NYC. Jamal “lil’ tip toe” Cryer’s credits include Rass-Kass-Van Gough and Bad Azz “Word On The Street,” while also collaborating with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Jelly Rolly to name a few. Saxophonist and flutist Mitch “Count Daddy-O” Rafal has lent his talent to Mello Man Ace, Mo Preme, Selly Sell and Luciano with Rick James, among many others. Guitarist Ian McMains brings a fresh energy and ears to the overall sound adding piercing guitar licks to the rap and jazz elements, increasing the intensity of the sound and emphasizing their lyrical onslaught. Scratcher Jeremy “MR1” Roth, known by his peers as one of the best in the business, adds the final piece to make the puzzle complete.

This is music for the realist; those who seek the truth will find it in DJ Monkey’s multi-cultural genre breaking recording. Their lyrics fire a bullet that hits the status quo straight between the eyes. This great music defines itself with originality and passion.

“A risk-taking blend of alternative rock, spoken word, hip hop (especially alternative rap a la De La Soul and Digable Planets), funk and Jazz and they pull it off impressively well.”-Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

“A daring attempt to synthesize a slew of musical and literary disciplines...cool-jazz/hip hop/soul fantasia…a unique music project.”-

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