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Written by Keith ID1279   
Wednesday, 27 April 2005 21:56

Hooman Sound has just opened its doors for all MCs with the hottest lyrics around. Hooman Sound is giving a chance to prove to the world how good MCs will be with the studio's instrumentals, and a chance for artists to have the hottest beats around.

Hooman Sound employees are in the lab every day bringing in the heat so artists can have the upper hand that they have been dreaming of. Every month Hooman Sound provides artists with fresh new beats to help them lay down tracks. With Hooman Sound beats artists will be one step closer to selling records and finally hearing their music on the radio.

Hooman Sound's mission is to provide quality beats, service and support to the Hip Hop generation at a single destination for all things related to their grind.

Founded in 2003 as a recording studio, Hooman Sound originally offered soundware for Ensoniq keyboards. Soon after the release of the MPC2000, the company quickly became known for the hottest sounds by the hottest labs in New York among many other cities.

In 2005, Hooman Sound launched their Web site, Hoomansound.com, offering an expanded library and expanded formats, but keeping over 95 percent of their catalog laced with the straight urban hip hop feel. The hip hop industry has been the sole focus for HoomanSound from day one. From basement beat makers to their many Gold & Platinum plaque clients, HoomanSound has blessed more true hip hop artists than any other sound company.

While other so-called hip hop sound producers take a client's money and run, dry up and go out of business or just refuse to step their game up, Hooman Sound will still be here, assisting in the shaping of modern hip hop and always here for questions or concerns. Hooman Sound wants to make the artist the next big thing with the help of their beats.



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Send Demo to:

Hooman Sound

One Penn Plaza

250 West 34th Street

36th Floor

New York City, New York 10119

United States