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Saturday, 03 December 2005 10:54

TLA-PROnline.com Press Release / New York - This is the case of tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) hip-hop entrepreneur Manuel Pimentel (better known as hip-hop rap artist ‘Minus P’.)

Just as big music industry moguls look to unsigned talent in the streets to get ideas for their next big ‘act’; it now seems that big movie CEOs are looking to steal the music of unsigned artists for their movie scores.

Minus P has collaborated with some of hip-hop’s most influential rap artists, such as The Game and B Real. After several years of grinding and promoting his music, he is now found exchanging court papers alongside NJ-based music producer Armando Diaz (better known as Outthere of Kat Klaw Productions) with movie industry powerhouse New Line Cinema.

The reason behind the lawsuit is for the illegal use of a Minus P song on the newly released movie "HAVOC".

Released in late 2005, the film was written by Stephen Gaghan (Academy Award winner for Traffic), directed by Barbara Kopple (two-time Academy Award winner), and starred Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries-2001) and Bijou Phillips (Venom-2005).

The song can be found 28 minutes into the film (scene 6 on the film’s menu entitled "East Side House Party”), and lasts over a minute’s time.

This is great promotion for an artist, but the problem is that neither Minus P nor Outthere ever signed any papers giving the film company rights to use the song. Furthermore, no compensation was ever received by either Minus P nor Outthere, and no credit was given for their work.

When contacted about the issue, New Line Cinema declined to comment.

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Minus P’s Website: www.minusp.com

Outthere’s Website: www.katklaw.com

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