Global Hip Hop Reality TV Tommy Danger Style Print
Written by Keith ID3019   
Monday, 18 September 2006 23:57

Well known New York hip hop MC Tommy Danger – ‘The Now and Laterman’ is in the final negotiation stages with DNA.TV to distribute his Hip Hop Video show ‘Danger Vision’.

DNA.TV is a video streaming service provider that functions unlike the capacity of YouTube more as an HBO Online. With the recent growth in viewers on the Manhattan Neighborhood network based in New York City, viewed in more than 600,000 households, New York hip hop MC Tommy Dangers ‘Danger Vision’ is looking to expand the New York hip hop show globally.

The show will be an Online Demand site for fans to view whenever they want. TDMG has gathered some of its most memorable shows on Public Access to provide viewers’ control of the Harlem based Hip Hop Based video show.

“We have in less than 2 years created a strong following with the show and are happy to be a part of this new online movement,” says the well known New York hip hop MC Tommy Danger.

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