Philly Hip Hop MC Side Effect Drops 'Dirt Hustlin Print
Written by Keith ID3048   
Tuesday, 03 October 2006 23:59

Philly hip hop MC Side Effect is back with his third solo album, “Dirt Hustlin”. The animated veteran hip hop MC is blazing his own path, creating rhymes that cross the sub-genres of hip-hop while keeping the essence and roots of the culture a priority. The 15 track album avoids the bells and whistles of the norm and recruits a diverse audience – from those just discovering hip-hop to the b-boys/b-girls that have been breakin’ on broken boxes since the early 80’s.


“Dirt Hustlin” is a multi-dimensional album that is consistent from beginning to end. Side Effect is using his natural ability to express what he feels today’s hip-hop culture needs. Unlike his previous two albums, he isn’t set on proving he is a nice MC, he is letting his flow represent his skills. The lyrics are well crafted and the beats are well selected. He recruits a slew of diverse producers including Eyego/Direct, Stress, Jason Famous and Fredy Blast. It also shines with a bi-coastal collaboration featuring Cali Agents MC, Rasco spitting on ‘Loyalty’, which is laced with an infectious beat by Cimer Amor.


Those into the mainstream vibe of hip-hop will dig tracks such as ‘Goldmine’, ‘You For Real’, and ‘Mans 3 Wishes’, all songs that possess a radio friendly, uptempo vibe. Side Effect also flexes his mature and conscious side on lyrically blessed songs, ‘Ooowee’, and ‘On Your Mind’. 


The name “Dirt Hustlin” proves true to the work that Side Effect put into this album. From the artwork to pressing, he stayed the independent route concentrating on getting the world to hear his rhymes. There are no gimmicks, no ghostwriters, and definitely no artificial preservatives; this is pure hip-hop – listen and let the music speak for itself.


“Dirt Hustlin” now available at , and or contacting Side Effect at 215-696-8087, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it