NY Rap MC Minus P Offers Mixtape for Free Print
Written by Robert ID1857   
Friday, 02 September 2005 00:11

New York hip-hop rap MC Minus P, has just dropped his mixtape "The Best in the Heights Vol 1-The King of the Heights".

The NY rap artist, who is known for ‘staying on the grind’ has been doing just that lately and now he is offering his new mix tape to his fans and the entire hip-hop community for free.

The CD features collab tracks with B-Real (Cypress Hill), Rockness Monster (Heltah Skeltah), Game (Aftermath) as well as up and coming artists such as Mey Vidal, Kendo, JayWise, E-turnal, Da Blackness and many more.

Minus P is one of the most fan friendly up and comers out today. He is constantly on the grind building his career and he shares the luv with all of us.

Recently he was named ‘Spokesman’ for Safari Clothing. The CEO of Safari Clothing Mike Asadourian signed a deal with NY hip-hop rap artist Minus P and W.H. Entertainment for a 6 month period in which the rap artist will be the spokes-person for their clothing line.

Minus P is one of the hardest working unsigned rap artists around now and he proves his loyalty to the game and to his fans by the amount of work and the effort he puts into his projects.

The mixtape is free so you can get it by paying $2 for shipping and handling, or $4 outside the U.S. To order the mixtape and for more info, check out MinusP.com .

Track List

1. 4 short of 80

produced by: Snika

2. This the one (feat. JayWise And Kendo)

Produced by: TrackFeanz

3. L boogs (heavy Hitters) shout

4. Nasty (Feat. Da Blackness & Lil D)

produced by: Higher Than Man

5. Domination (GF records) Shout

6. Ese Loco (Feat. Mey Vidal)

produced by: TrackFeanz

7. Stat Quo (shady/Aftermath) Shout

8. The Cadillac Song (Feat. Da Blackness and Denise)

produced by: KatKlaw Productions

9. The Gift (feay. Suspence & Game)

produced by: Reload and Faze 1

10. Immortal Technique shout

11. A pound @ a time "I''m in love"

produced by: Snika

12. Big Mike shout

13. The Truth

produced by: Apocalypse

14. Best in the Heights (Feat. Blackness & Fresco)

produced by: KatKlaw Productions

15. Earth Angel

produced by: Twenty2K

16. (Skit) Calling Cuban Link

17. Was'' Yo Name (feat. Kendo)

produced by: Tyme

18. Kray-Zay (Feat. Rockness & Wreckteam)

produced by: KatKlaw Productions

19. J-Zone Shout

20. That Ain''t me

produced by: Higher than man

21. Mr. Cartoon Shout

22. Industry *****

23. Nightmare

produced by: TrackFeanz

24. UnoDos Shout

25. Time to be known (Feat. B-Real)

produced by: Hazmat

26. Angelous Shout

27. Who betta? (feat. E-turnal)

produced by: E-turnal

28. E dot Shout

29. I demand (feat. Darksun and Marazmus)

30. Timeline

produced by: Duke Entertainment

31. Thank you's

produced by: KatKlaw Productions