Latin Hip-Hop Rap Artists Ask Politically Incorrect Question Print
Written by Robert ID2540   
Wednesday, 19 April 2006 08:01

Rappers Sweepy, Zulu Gremlin and LAPD have recorded a New Version of the socially conscious, early 90’s track ‘WHAT IS AN “AMERICAN’?

If the famed hip-hop / rap crew Latin Alliance has anything to say about it, those thousands of protesters across the U.S. seeking a fair and equitable solution to our country’s immigration dilemma will be chanting (and wearing) an explosive new mantra: “What Is An American, quote, unquote? What Is An American, quote, unquote?”

Centered around an infectious hip-hop groove newly created and produced by First Kut rap artist Slick of the Shock Mob, those six words are already stirring a powerful musical and political movement that addresses the tough, essential question of who exactly can call themselves an American.

The biting chorus of “What Is An American?” continues: “What is the true definition of America? Does it belong to any race or culture…or is America a political vulture? Corporations, big business, mafiosos control America…all foreign, so what’s an American?” Should the conservatives get their way with Congress, the crew challenges: “Who will wash our cars and pick our fruit?”

This hypnotic, socially conscious cut—which has just been shipped to commercial Latin radio stations nationwide and is currently making waves on leading Latin internet station  --may sound  familiar to fans of the classic early 90s Latin rap explosion, when “Godfather of Rap” Morey Alexander produced hits for Cuban artist Mellow Man Ace (“Mentirosa”) and Mexican-born Kid Frost (“La Raza,” which became something of a Mexican national anthem).

Ace and Frost were key members of Alexander’s Latin Alliance, an exciting group of rappers from numerous Latin American countries, including El Salvador and Guatemala, which recorded a self-titled hit album featuring the single and video “Low Rider.”  It also included the original version of “What Is An American?”—a song way ahead of its time, whose relevance is off the charts today considering the current political climate.

Alexander is again executive producer of the 2006 re-recording, which delivers the same powerful message with a whole different beat and a heavier groove. The new lineup of Latin Alliance includes rappers Sweepy (a multi-talented performer, break-dancer and choreographer who appears in the upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean 2), Steve ‘Zulu Gremlin’ Roybal (of the original Latin Alliance), and LAPD.   The track is included on the upcoming album, release date TBA, The Return Of The Latin Alliance, which features   appearances by Mellow Man Ace, Kid Frost, Cisco, Rich Garcia and A.L.T.

A percentage of the proceeds from “What Is An American?” and associated clothing sales will be donated by First Kut to a worthy Latin charity to be determined.

Listen to ‘What Is An American’ HERE.