Brimstone 127 is Miami Hip-Hop Print
Written by Robert ID2286   
Friday, 20 January 2006 07:57

The 3 artists that compose Brimstone127, Brimstone, Mariposah, Jase; bring their unique rhythmic explosion and style out of Miami and into the hip-hop scene around the country. Already featured at the 2004 Florida Grammy Showcase, the group can be seen performing live every Tuesday at 1pm EST on

Their debut album Metamorphoses, named one of the top 10 independent releases by Street Magazine in 2003, will soon be followed by another collection yet to be titled.

Based on the incredible depth of sound and diverse flowing tones of Metamorphoses, the new album will no doubt continue to change perceptions.

Individually the group’s creative talents have formed professional relationships with artists such as Singer/songwriter Nelly Furtado, hip-hop cultures rap artist and one of a kind KRS-1, and director John Singleton.

Collectively, the group has collaborated with the nationally recognized hip-hop / rap group Black Sheep and with Miami’s sensation The Spam AllStars.

In the meantime, Brimstone127’s front man, Seth Schere, spans the distance between music and everyday life through a foundation he created known as “Bridging The Gap.” The performer motivates today’s youth about hip-hop culture by speaking at high schools, colleges, and inner city programs. Alongside Mista Long (Black Sheep) and Speedy Legs (Hip Hop Elements), they host events that unite pioneers of hip hop culture with up and coming acts. Schere began as a be a b-boy and then evolved into a graffiti artist and finally an emcee.

 Schere introduced some of the most popular deejays like Craze and Epps into Miami’s club scene. As an engineer and producer, he has worked with artists that include Nelly Furtado, KRS-1, Jungle Brothers, Black Sheep, Afrika Baambaata & The Soul Sonic Force The Spam AllStars.

 Brimstone127’s lady love, Mariposah, lends her sultry voice to entrance listeners while brimstone keeps you hooked with his depth-defining lyrics. True, Mariposah sings, dances, and struts her stuff on stage, but she also designs signature jewelry pieces that are sold internationally and at Urban Outfitters.

All the original beats are driven by Jay Borland, better known as Jase. His signature sounds are featured in radio commercials, ring tones, and TV shows. Jase combines his skills of beatboxing and turntablism that’ll leave you asking, “is he doing that, or is it a machine?”

For more information about the band, tour dates, and “bridging the gap” foundation. visit their web site at .

Also visit their myspace page to hear some of their tracks and for additional information.

Be sure to check out the track ‘Do U Believe in Love’ on the myspace page – Great track.