Rap Emcee G A Hip-Hop Revolutionist Print
Written by Robert ID1698   
Thursday, 21 July 2005 22:52

Combing complex lyrics with a creative approach, rap artist G busts out on heavy drum laden produced tracks. Laying rhymes all over the US, the undeniable style and slur is a gift from his hometown of New Orleans. But the style and the slur aren’t the only thing this lyricist with childlike looks but adult rhymes plans on giving the culture of Hip-hop.

“Most emcees only aspire to perfect styles already out there. I want to be known for creatin’ new styles. The worse thing to me is for a critic to say I sound like someone else.”

With acknowledgement from such national publications as Murder Dog, G has also appeared on projects that have scaled the globe. Subsequently you can find G’s projects in the hands of every major studio owner as far as Palestine, or you can witness his performances at college campuses and performance halls all over.

With signature word problems that he interlaces with social awareness issues, G offers a bit of an education with each track. This is his main plan of action.

“I want my records to go down in history. I’m not just tryin’ to be the hottest for right now; I want the next Dr. Cornell West or Michael Eric Dyson to write books about me, that type of impact! Ya’ on the dig?”

The emcee that has already done what most rappers are just now preparing to realize the importance of, G is full of surprises. His music had to play the background to his education for a few years. Consequently, he already holds a BS and a law degree from the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania.

Gifted with rhymes of brilliance and vision beyond his years, G plans to do something more with these blessings than spend a lifetime of squandering talent on bragging about his accolades. He has entered the booth to produce life-changing creations. Be a witness. Be a believer.

Performed in Arizona, Philadelphia, Florida, New Orleans, and New York, to name a few. Interviewed in Murder Dog Magazine and a handful of websites and local papers.


G's site: http://www.nfluentmusic.com/presskit.php?uid=16

and http://www.rahmnation.org