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Written by Robert ID3498   
Monday, 26 March 2007 07:20

Last year thousands came out to celebrate one of the most memorable Hip Hop festivals to hit California in recent years. Few events can claim to both capture and define a movement, yet this is precisely what Project Sweatshop has set out to do. We the People is more than a music festival, it is a genuine rite of passage for thousands of urban-minded Hip Hop and Reggae music lovers from all over Southern California. 

The focus is on demonstrating the conscious side of Hip Hop and Reggae as a tool to demolish racial boundaries, while presenting a platform for raw, uncensored social views of the underground scene. This emphasis is outlined by our strict intent to establish an annual forum that is directed towards the uniting of our Urban youth, and allowing them the opportunity to understand and undertake a progressive opinion of the social and political doings of the world around them. 

From this perspective it is our idea that ‘We the People’ will become an ultimate example of a socially conscious event featuring the most socially aware premiere artists from all styles of music and artistic traits. ‘We the People’ will present the opportunity to establish a forum of unparalleled diversity and excellence by uniting socially active artists involved with the urban youth and culture and allowing them this  momentous opportunity to express themselves in such a forum. 

This production will once again be sharply executed and a success. Last years festival attracted over 4,000 attendees, with no incident once a year, a “We the People” gathering can and shall easily be achieved.  Movements within the colleges and universities around the urban and outside areas of Southern California have shown strong interests in the social/political world surrounding all the students who attend these institutions. More and more youths are participating in socially progressive forums and have compounded these interests with their interests in music, most notably, Hip-Hop .All these reasons solidify the idea that an annual forum expressing these idealisms and presenting a home for the urban movement of today

More info can be found at www.WeThePeopleFestival.com

Show Info:

Event:   “We the People” 2007 Music Festival

                -“Truth, Consciousness, Humanity”-

 Date:    Saturday, April 7th, 2007

 Time:    4:00pm -12:00am

 Location: W.L.C.A.C. Grounds ( The Center )

 10950 S. Central Avenue -Los Angeles, Ca 90059

 Capacity: 6,000

 Tickets: $30.00/$35.00 presale, ‘Day of ‘price to be determined ( Apr 7th ) 

 Internet: www.WeThePeopleFestival.com , www.ProjectSweatshop.com  


Line-up:  Dj Muggs, Sabac Red, Medusa w/ Feline Science, 2Mex, Los Nativos, Hasan Salaam, Quinto Sol, Miktlan, Ciuhatl Tonali                                   

Hosts: Fidel Rodriguez of Divine Forces Radio 90.7, Brother J of the X Clan

Speakers:  Maxine Waters, Dr. John Carlos, Luis Rodriguez, October 22nd coalition, Mario Rocha, Unity One ,Homies unidos