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Written by Robert ID1293   
Friday, 29 April 2005 07:31

PrymEvyl has been influenced by many great artist from different music genres.  Notable among these music greats are, Bob Marley, Joseph Osayomore, NWA,  Akaba Man, Sister Carol, Fela Kuti, Sonny Okosuns, Curtis Blow, Method Man, Rakim to name a few. This musical influence is reflected in this self titled self produced release.

PrymEvyl fell in love with music at a young age growing up in Benin city, Nigeria.  Raised by his mother with 3 other siblings, going to church was a must.  To deal with the long boring church services, Pryme joined the church choir.  During his stint in the choir he learned how to play the drums, trumpet, and keyboard.  Although he currently does not use live instruments, the learning experience laid the foundation for Pryme's interest in music production.

Soon after migrating to the states in the early 90's, Pryme found himself in the heart of hip hop culture living in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn; a culture which he discovered years earlier in Nigeria.

Upon graduation from Eastern District High School, Pryme proceeded to college in Buffalo, NY.  During this time he cofounded his first hip hop/reggae group, which unfortunately disbanded as with later groups in the years following.

Feeling dejected and unfocused, Pryme started learning the music business and recording his solo project; which has been critically acclaimed.

Pryme has performed in clubs in New York city, Buffalo, and Niagara falls.  Although new to the independent music scene, Pryme is a relentless artist who is building his fan base around the world.

Website  go and listen to samples of his album PrymEvyl.

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