Un-Edited Version of Hip-Hop Tribute to Tupac 2Pac Print
Written by Keith ID2749   
Tuesday, 20 June 2006 01:08

The birthday of hip-hop icon rap artist, poet, activist, actor and teacher Tupac Amaru Shakur, June 16th, brought many tributes to honor to him.

One tribute was the hip-hop ‘Birthday Shout Outs of Luv and Remembrance’ that was put together by our affiliate CRNLive.com and our network partner ThugLifeArmy.com.

Friends of Tupac (2Pac), hip-hop artists and rappers, and those in the hip-hop industry were asked to call in and give their thoughts and shout outs to the hip-hop icon on his birthday.

The radio edit version of the drops was sent out to radio markets and they were asked to run the tribute on June 16th.

ThugLifeArmy.com has posted the un-edited versions of the drops. Many detailed personal experiences and emotions were stated to the rap icon Tupac Shakur (2Pac) and it is only fair that those experiences these hip-hop artists, friends and rap industry people shared with us be heard and shared in love for Tupac.

Thru these un-edited drops you can hear the love and the loss that is still felt for the fallen hip-hop icon, from those who actually worked alongside and were blessed to call Tupac ‘a friend’.

Nearly 300 markets covered 65% of the U.S. and the tribute was also heard by radio listeners in Mexico, Japan, Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba and the U.K. Over 17 Million people worldwide heard the tribute to Tupac (2Pac) on radio alone. This number does not include the hip-hop, rap and fan web sites that also ran this tribute to Tupac (2Pac).

Please visit our network partner ThugLifeArmy.com to hear the un-edited shout outs of love and remembrance from friends of one of the greatest icons that the hip-hop culture has.

Un-Edited Shout outs include hip-hop, rap and other notables as Dina LaPolt, Johnny “J”, Immortal Technique, Gail Gottie, Celly Cel, Gobi, Jon B, Rolando Brown (from the Hip-Hop Association), Tommy Danger (The Now and Later Man), T-Jay (Klock Work Entertainment artist),DJ Fatal The Truth Minister – Min. Paul Scott, Virginya Slim, Kalonji Jama Changa (FTP Movement) Doc (First Kutt Entertainment), Ebony Burks and others.