Revolutionary Hip-Hop At It's Finest Print
Written by Robert ID1275   
Wednesday, 27 April 2005 03:17

The Revolutionary Hip-Hop Group FTP, which stands for Fu*k The Police, Free the Prisoners, For The People, etc, is handing out revolutionary a** kicking in 2005. The group's first single, "Let's Ride (Freedom or Death)" is a hard hitting joint with west coast flavor.

The single will be unleashed shortly before the long awaited official Mix CD, Martial Law, which will drop soon. Also be on the look out for the album, High Terror Alert, in Black August 2005.

FTP is a 4 man hip-hop rap team made up of members: C.H.A.D., Dedan, Third Degree, and The Riot Starter.

FTP is revolution first and hip-hop second. The members can be found in a hood near you feeding the people, recruiting troops or kicking straight street session. Be on the look out for FTP on your block.

FTP will be featured along with some of the hottest Revolutionary Artist on the CD- "Die Nigger Die!, Tribute to H. Rap Brown". The label will also be accepting tracks from other artist for this project.

Who is H. Rap Brown? And what is Die Nigger Die!? More than any other black leader, H. Rap Brown, chairman of the radical Black Power organization SNCC, came to symbolize the ideology of black revolution. Die Nigger Die! - first published in 1969 and long unavailable - tells the story of the making of a revolutionary. Much more than a personal history, it is a call to arms, an urgent message to the black community to be the vanguard force in the struggle of oppressed people. H. Rap Brown is now Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin. In 2000, Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin was framed for the murder of an Atlanta Police officer.

Check out a sneak preview of the new release on their site -